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Journal Together Audio

Use this 20 minute guided audio to journal through energetic funks, unearth your worries and work through emotions that rise to the surface. A great way to reset.


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Blank Cheque

Download and print out your blank cheque from the universe each time you’d like to manifest financial abundance into your life. Choose your amount, sign and keep somewhere you can see every day. 


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Become Aligned In Business Workbook

Understand where your energetic blocks are in business are and how to release them with this workbook designed for soul-led entrepreneurs.


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Prompts To Script Your Ideal Day

Scripting is a powerful form of manifesting, where you write a diary entry as if your ideal day has already happened – describing everything in detail to maximise your energetic frequency to match that of what you desire. Download your prompts and begin dreaming.


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Money Blocks Workbook

With these journal prompts, you will begin to understand where your blocks stem from and start to release those stubborn pockets of resistance in your flow of financial abundance.

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Gaining Clarity Workbook

With these journal prompts, you will begin to tune into your inner guidance and understand which steps to take next in life. Come back time and time again to this workbook when you start to feel out of energetic alignment.