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MAGIC is a 12 month 1:1 program, designed for soulful entrepreneurs like you who want to build a long-lasting, impact-driven business with ease and flow. Within this year-long adventure, we will deep dive into soulmate customers, aligned offers, limiting beliefs, magical marketing and more, blended with my signature manifestation teachings from The Magic Method™. This really is where soul meets strategy. 


The reason I resonate so much is because this was me. I was terrified to talk about manifestation to friends and family, never mind sharing my thoughts online for the whole world to see. But I knew deep down, the true impact I could have if I followed my intuition and created The Manifestation Collective.

In 2019 I chose to be authentically me and quieten the noise of the online world, making it my mission to not only help women like you with mindset and manifestation, but implement my 10+ years of brand building to help soulful business owners.

It took work. It took investment. Not just financially but in terms of time and mindset. But here we are 4 years later as I stand as a leading authority in my industry, alongside a no.1 charting book sold worldwide, a no.1 charting podcast, over a million hits annually to my blog, 2 x sold out retreats, an ever-growing community, a monthly membership, and more time and financial freedom than ever before.


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“Victoria, you have changed my life, my mindset, how I feel about myself, and how I feel about my business"



We will begin by stripping your business back to its core, understanding what is working and more importantly, what isn’t. Feel safe to pivot, change your mind and throw away anything that doesn’t truly light you up here.


We will strengthen your brand message, dive deep into your soul mate client and realign your offers/plan new launches, as well as embracing your unique superpowers that will magnetise your dream community.


We will break down what limiting beliefs are stopping you, unearthing and releasing at the root before reprogramming in a new identity of the business owner – and person – you want to become.


We will work on your sales and money mindset – both of which are a fundamental part of running a successful business. Selling with intention gets to feel expansive and exciting, and it’s here we create revenue streams that work inline with your ideal lifestyle. 


We will create a detailed strategy across the board from income to content ideas, marketing, website, social media and more, tuning into your inner guidance rather than what the latest online trend dictates. 

kind words

"In just five weeks of coaching with Victoria, I have learnt more than I have in 8 years running a business!"


The Magic Method™ is my signature manifestation and mindset method, which I created and trademarked in 2020. This is the core practice I teach and use throughout my coaching and community, focusing on:

Manifestation – I make manifestation easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to implement into daily life. Long gone are over complicated rituals and techniques. Through our coaching together, the concept of manifestation will become second nature and something you finally understand how to embrace.

Abundance – Attracting abundance, not just financial abundance, but richness in health, wealth, love and life, is central to my teachings. I believe we are deserving of unlimited abundance and living a life that feels as good as it looks is a non-negotiable.

Clarity – For true alignment, I help women like you create a blueprint of what they want life and business to truly be. As a certified mindset coach, it is my job to help guide you to clarity, direction and focus. 

Ignite – As a true Manifestor profile in Human Design, I thrive in initiating. In cheerleading. In sparking the match to your flame. Throughout our coaching together, you will take aligned action towards the life you want. And that includes imperfect and messy action.

Goals – Goal setting gets to feel exciting and expansive. With The Magic Method™ we focus on creating a possibilities mindset, dreaming bigger than ever before, knowing we are being guided by the Universe.

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“What can I say, working with Victoria has been transformative"

In 12 months from now, you can feel..





£ 6000
  • 12 MONTH PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE at £500 per month


I am a Certified Mindset + Business Coach, EFT practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, Reiki Level 1 Practitioner and Manifestation Guide.

I’m also the author of Manifesting for Beginners (Octopus Publishing), a no.1 charting podcast host, and have been featured across the media including BBC Radio, The Guardian Newspaper, Metro, London Evening Standard, The Sunday Times Magazine, Body + Soul, Soul + Spirit and more.

Over the last 8 years I have manifested my dream business, my dream house, a freedom-based lifestyle which allows me to travel when and wherever I want, soul-aligned friendships, 6 x my annual salary as a former magazine editor, the most amazing community in The Collective Membership and so much more. And this has come from blending soul AND strategy, taking aligned action each step of the way.

But what can you expect of me as your coach? I’m warm, I’m open, I’m your biggest cheerleader BUT I  will also hold you accountable for making the most of your investment and there may be a gentle nudge in the direction you want to go along the way. Plus, if you like a northern sense of humour, then I think we’ll get along just fine. 

Manifestation Coach Victoria Jackson

The FAQ's

Whether you have a side business or you have been in business for years, becoming energetically aligned and understanding the core message of your brand, as well as your soulmate client, is essential for authentic growth and success. MAGIC offers the guidance and support you need to build a strong foundation.

Previous clients include: Interior Designer, Photographer, Candle Brand Founder, Celebrant, Virtual Assistant, Yoga Teacher + Holistic Beauty Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Self-Love Coach, Natural Beauty Brand Founder, Content Creator and so many more amazing souls.

Again, MAGIC will make sure you start on the best possible foot. I wish I’d had all of this knowledge when I launched my first business in 2014 and as someone who has been there, done that AND worn the t-shirt, I’m here to hold your hand along the way and make sure you can take what you need from my past lessons.

What I will reiterate though is, for any business to become income-generating, there has to be a need for it in the market. There has to be a solution to a problem. If you are unsure whether MAGIC is the right program for you, drop me an email on

If you chose the 12-month payment plan model, you will pay £500 up front and then your next payments will come out the following months on the same date you made the first payment. You are able to pay via debit or credit card.

Like with most things in life, I can not guarantee something to happen. However, I deeply believe in this program and the mindset skills and business strategies I teach, and if the action is taken and you commit to the work – including outside our sessions – then you will see positive shifts both personally and within your business. The testimonials on this page and across my website are a good indication of my results. Disclaimer: I do not guarantee increased income.

Good question! On the internet there are a raft of people claiming to be coaches – specifically business coaches – that have no proven business experience. With a BA Hons in Fashion Marketing & Journalism, I know first of all what it takes to promote a brand like yours in the market and attract the right kind of customer/client. As the former editor of an industry-leading menswear magazine for 10 years, growing partnerships with brands such as The British Fashion Council and Copenhagen Fashion Week, as well as building The Manifestation Collective from a Facebook group of 100 women, I have since retrained to become a Certified Mindset Coach specialising in Neuro Energic Encoding + Wiring, EFT + Hypnosis Practitioner and have had my work featured in the likes of The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Metro, London Evening Standard, Body + Soul Magazine, as well as being interviewed a number of times on BBC Radio. Clients of mine have gone on to launch their own successful business, which are, most importantly, profitable and continually growing – the testimonials featured here are just snippets of what past clients have experienced working with me. 

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