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The Ultimate Manifesting For Beginners Bundle is designed to help you understand how manifestation works, how to turn your vision board into reality and how to implement the powers of the universe into every day life – helping you attract your dream life with ease and flow. 

If you’re brand new to the world of manifestation and feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of noise on the internet regarding all things law of attraction, then please don’t worry my love, I’ve got you.

I know exactly how you’re feeling because I was in the same position seven years ago. I was curious about manifestation but the more I started to read about it, the busier my mind felt. Do this, don’t do that. Follow this rule, don’t follow this.

As one of the leading manifestation coaches in the UK, I blend spirituality, soul and strategy, guiding you through the concept of using your thoughts and energy to attract the most amazing things into your life…in an easy to digest, no-fluff way.

So, what can you expect from The Ultimate Manifesting For Beginners Bundle?


8 days to

Manifestation mastery

If you’re looking to learn how to manifest in a simple way, then our 8-day mini course is the perfect way to do so. Spit into daily actionable chunks, you can start to understand how using our thoughts changes our reality, and how we can attract our dream life without overwhelm and perfectionism.


3 part video series on

Manifesting The most epic 6 Months ahead

In this high-vibe series, watch 3 workshops I hosted this year, sharing how to define what you want to manifest over the next 6 months, how to create an incredibly powerful vision board, and finally, how to embody the person you envision becoming so manifestation becomes effortless. 



Abundance Meditation

Listen to this guided meditation on a regular basis to attune you to the frequency of delicious financial abundance. The calm soothing audio is designed to be listened to as you are getting ready to sleep, or when you rise on a morning – allowing you to really visualise what your life will look and feel like WHEN you have that gorgeous, effortless flow of abundance enter your life. 


the ultimate

energy reset
tool kit

This tool kit has been designed for those moments in life where you sink into a funk, feeling out of alignment, and struggle to shake that flat feeling off. The kit includes: How To Cleanse & Reset e-Book, Guided Meditation To Recentre Yourself Again, Journal Prompts For Clarity & Alignment, Happy Life Checklist, and Your Intention Setting Workbook.



to success

This is our best-selling mini-course on how to use journaling to manifest magic into your life. This includes a 20-minute “journal along with me” meditation, journal prompts and ideas on different ways we can use journaling to connect to the universe.



manifestation monthly planner

This printable is a 2022 monthly diary, designed specifically for manifestors like you and I. With spots to write our gratitude lists, our intentions for the month and week, financial abundance trackers, daily planners and so much more, this undated printable can be used again and again.


£ 37
  • 8 Days To Manifestation Mastery (£44.00)
  • 3 Part Video Series On Manifesting The Most Amazing 6 Months (£111.00)
  • Attracting Abundance Guided Meditation (£11.00)
  • The Ultimate Energy Reset Tool Kit (£55.00)
  • Scripting To Success (£55.00)
  • Monthly Manifestation Planner (£33.00)