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Introducing The Manifestation Collective Podcast

Welcome to The Manifestation Collective podcast, hosted by me, Victoria Jackson, certified mindset coach, EFT practitioner, manifestation guide and author.

Join me each week as I discuss all things spiritual and strategy-based, putting the action into the law of attraction and how to turn your vision board into reality.

As a solo podcast, the aim of each episode is to leave you feeling empowered and inspired, taking this new-found knowledge and implementing it into your life – from mindset shifts to manifestation tricks and tips.


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Let me make manifestation easy for you...

With over 7 years of studying the law of attraction and consciously manifesting in my life, I have been able to attract a life and business I truly love – from traveling all over the globe to working with amazing clients, welcoming a continuous flow of financial abundance each month, manifesting my first book deal, and waking up feeling excited to get out of bed. But I do more than focus on the spiritual – as a certified mindset coach specialising in neural energetic encoding, EFT practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, I am able to help you work through those stubborn blocks and pockets of resistance holding you back from turning your vision board into reality. 


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You can find The Manifestation Collective Podcast on most podcast channels available, including Acast and Amazon podcasts. Click here to listen to on either Stitcher, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.