Single Transformation Session Payment Plan

PLEASE NOTE: There is also a pay in full option available here.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of life where we’re craving a little guidance, a sounding board if you like, someone to draw out our ideas with, create an action plan and help us reframe limiting beliefs that are stopping us from moving forward.

And sometimes, we know that we don’t need 3 months of private coaching for that.

My 90-minute Transformation Sessions are designed to take one thing you’re wanting to work towards – whether that be in life or business – and create a recipe of change and positive action for you to implement moving forward. 

The first thing I’ll say is, don’t underestimate just how much can change during a high-vibe, intentional Transformation Session. 90 minutes of focused work can create an amazing ripple effect through your life AND through your subconscious.

£225.00 / month for 2 months


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