Design Your Dream Life Masterclass

The Design Your Dream Life Masterclass incorporates a beautiful mix of teachings and practical tasks such as journaling, creating affirmations and more. We’ll be covering:

  • What feels unaligned in your life currently
  • Understanding your values + how to implement that energy further
  • Allowing ourselves the space to dream BIG
  • Looking at what could potentially stop our dream life coming to fruition
  • Sharing how we can live with more intention, taking the action towards our dream life
  • Writing a diary entry together, 12 months into the future, to help cement the energy of expectancy with the universe

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PLUS you’ll also find a Higher Self Meditation…

PLUS The Ultimate Manifesting Workbook for you to fill in for one of your goals (or more!) ahead of 2023 to help bring it into reality!

All for £37.00.