A Month Of Magic In Your Business

A Month of Magic in your Business is a 4-week self-study portal, alongside a private Facebook group with me as your soulful business coach for the month, designed to help you fall back in love with your business and feel aligned and excited to manifest magic for the new season.

Week One

Week One commences on September 4th and will focus on decluttering in your business – getting rid of the old to welcome in the new. In your portal you will find:

  • A workbook with checklists, journal prompts and ideas to declutter mentally and physically
  • A brand new meditation to release what is holding you back in business
  • And an EFT recording to move any stagnant energy from your body that is keeping you from moving forward

Week Two

Week Two will focus on the BIG vision you have for your business. Inside the portal during this week, you’ll find:

  • A workbook to help you carve out and write your own blueprint for business success
  • A guided visualisation track to help you dream BIG in business and align energetically to your goals
  • A vision board tutorial PLUS 50 images to download and add to your business vision board

Week Three

Week Three is where we focus on attracting abundance into your business. Inside the portal, you will get access to:

  • A workbook designed to help you break through common money blocks in business
  • A subliminal track to help reprogram your subconscious mind to welcome in consistent £6k months
  • And a powerful EFT recording to empower you to show up and sell

Week Four

Finally, in Week Four the focus turns to embodiment, as you step into your vision board self and create the business you’ve always dreamt of. Inside the portal you’ll find:

  • An affirmations track to listen to each morning as you get ready for the day, guiding you to become the highest version of yourself
  • A workbook with 30 Future Self journal prompts to help you access that version of you now
  • An embodiment playlist to help you move into your highest self as you dance
  • And a powerful walking meditation to help you become magnetic to everything you desire in business