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Soulful Business is my self-study course designed for people that want to become energetically aligned in their business, create content that converts, master sales with ease and wake up every day with direction and purpose.

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I remember being petrified to talk about manifestation to people, never mind putting my thoughts about it on the internet for all to see. I feared judgement, worrying too much about what other people would think, rather than follow that gut instinct in the depths of my stomach telling me this was something I needed to explore.

I wanted more people to understand the true power of the universe and to do that, I had to step into who I was meant to be and create a community.

To be honest, creating content and building a community wasn’t the problem – I’d done that for years with an interior design business I ran. But turning manifestation into a source of income? Now, that’s where the real battle started in my head. After all, how could I charge for my knowledge and time when it was spirituality-led? When it was soul-led?

The universe even tried to intervene on a number of occasions, sending women who ASKED me to coach them. I dipped my toes in the water, but didn’t charge much at all – after all, if you don’t charge people, no-one can complain if you’re not up to par, right?! This was my mindset and I know it’s some of yours. 

But I knew that if I was to create this life I had on my own vision board, I had to become truly aligned in my business and unblock the limiting beliefs that were crippling my growth.

I made the choice to be authentically me and quieten the noise of the outside world as I finally listened to what my intuition was telling me to do. I made it my mission to not only teach people about manifestation and mindset, but I took my 10+ years of brand building knowledge and combined spirituality with strategy. 

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MODULE one – beliefs in business

We will start at the very core of every business – limiting beliefs and blocks around your growth, self-worth and so much more. In this module, we will deep dive into the thought patterns you have as a business owner – think content, community, judgment of others and more – and start to reframe our thinking into a much more aligned, positive way. This is so you can develop a possibilities mindset moving forward and understand how to break down blocks that arise in the future.

MODULE two – clarity + direction

Here is where we become truly aligned to what we want our business to look like moving forward, what we believe can happen and what our intuition is telling us. In module two, listening to universal guidance is incredibly important as we shut out the noise from outside and listen to what our soul is telling us. This is where the master plan takes place so you can feel aligned and confident in your business journey and know that you are truly following your true passion.


Understanding your soulmate client or customer is so much more than giving them a name and knowing where they shops. It is about understanding what their worries are, what their desires are, what makes them choose one product over another. You see, when you understand your soulmate client, attracting them becomes the easy bit in business because they will feel so pulled to you, it’s like everything you put out there was just for them. In this module we will also take a look at Human Design and how you can speak to your soulmate client when you understand how your energy is best used.

MODULE four – content that converts

Module four will see us look at different content ideas to bring in your soulmate client so you can help them resonate with you over your competitor. You know the feeling of being magnetically pulled to a brand because their message just feels…right? This is what magic we’ll be creating in module four. We will look at your offers and create content ideas that lead effortlessly into this, including sales funnels and building community.


Finally, we will focus on mastering your mindset so sales feel less icky and more aligned, authentic and in flow. In this module, I will also teach you everything I know about manifesting money into my business – Soulful Business isn’t about reaching for those £100k months, but about creating a balanced life as a creative entrepreneur having £3k months, £5k months or even £10k months.


In the online portal you will receive an undated printable Soulful Business planner, a guided meditation to help reprogram your mind for success and three specially recorded EFT tapping sessions to align to either £1000 a month, £3000 a month, or £5000 a month in business.


…and not only am I your coach and manifestation guide, but I’m also a published author with my debut book, Manifesting for Beginners (Octopus Publishing), a no.1 charting podcast host, and have been featured across the media including BBC Radio, The Guardian Newspaper, Metro, London Evening Standard, The Sunday Times Magazine, Body + Soul, Soul + Spirit and more.

What am I like as a coach? I’m warm, I’m open, I’m your biggest cheerleader…but I’ll also hold you accountable for making the most of your investment and there may be a gentle nudge in the direction you want to go along the way. Everything I say is given with love, and if you like a northern sense of humour, then you might just vibe with me (discover more about me on my podcast here).

Helping to facilitate real transformations, deep in the subconscious, is where I thrive, guiding you step into the highest version of yourself that’s right there, just ready to be uncovered.

Manifestation Coach Victoria Jackson


£ 444 pay in full


£ 222 2 x month payment plan

The FAQ's

Whether you have a side business or you have been in business for years, becoming energetically aligned and understanding the core message of your brand, as well as your soulmate client, is essential for authentic growth and success. The MAGIC of Business offers the guidance and support you need to build a strong foundation.

Previous students have included: Interiors Retailer, Candle Brand Founder, Celebrant, Virtual Assistant, Yoga Teacher + Holistic Beauty Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Self-Love Coach, Natural Beauty Brand Founder, Content Creator and so many more amazing souls.

Again, The MAGIC of Business will make sure you start on the best possible foot. I wish I’d had all of this knowledge when I launched my first business in 2014 and as someone who has been there, done that AND worn the t-shirt, I’m here to hold your hand along the way and make sure you can take what you need from my past lessons.

What I will reiterate though is, for any business to become income-generating, there has to be a need for it in the market. There has to be a customer out there that is searching for a service or product that you are considering working on. If you are unsure, drop me an email on and let’s chat.

If you chose the 2-month payment plan model, you will pay £222 up front and then your next payment will come out the following months on the same date you made the first payment. You are able to pay via debit or credit card.

Like with most things in life, you can not guarantee something to happen. However, I deeply believe in this program and the mindset skills and business strategies I teach, and if the action is taken and you commit to the work – including outside our sessions – then you will see positive shifts both personally and within your business. The testimonials on this page and across my website are a good indication of my results. Disclaimer: I do not guarantee increased income.

Good question! On the internet there are a raft of people claiming to be coaches – specifically business coaches – that have no proven business experience. With a BA Hons in Brand Promotion & Journalism, I know first of all what it takes to promote a brand like yours in the market and attract the right kind of customer/client. As the former editor of an industry-leading menswear magazine for 10 years, growing partnerships with brands such as The British Fashion Council and Copenhagen Fashion Week, as well as building The Manifestation Collective from a Facebook group of 100 women, I have since retrained to become a certified Mindset Coach specialising in Neuro Energic Encoding, EFT practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist and have had my work featured in the likes of The Sunday Times, Metro, London Evening Standard, Body + Soul Magazine, as well as being interviewed for BBC Radio. Clients of mine have gone on to launch their own successful business, which are, most importantly, profitable and continually growing – the testimonials featured here are just snippets of what past clients have experienced working with me. 

Please do reach out by email ( with any other questions you may have and I will get back to you within the next business day. 

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If you’ve got a question about Soulful Business and want to find out if it’s for you, then just drop me an email. I work Monday to Thursday so will endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours.