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Soulful Business is my 3-month group coaching mastermind designed for people that want to become energetically aligned in their business, create content that converts, master sales with ease and wake up every day with direction and purpose.

Hello my love. I’m guessing if you’ve been drawn to this page, it’s because you’re feeling a little like this…
  • You feel lost as a business owner, not knowing really what to do next or whether you’re even on the right track?
  • The thought of getting a regular 9-5 has crept into your mind more than once and you’ve even updated your CV in a blind panic?
  • You second guess every decision and focus more on what everyone else on the internet is doing, rather than listening to what your own intuition is guiding you to do?
  • You beat yourself up for every “failure” – every unsubscribe to an email, every Instagram post that feels like it’s sent into the abyss, every Reel you try to create but then realise you’d rather quit all together than dance on screen and point into thin air again?
  • You fear judgement so stop every new idea you have in its track, just because it potentially might not work out or because of what others might think?
  • You dream of reaching your income goals but those soulmate clients you see other people mention, aren’t anywhere to be found for you?
  • You feel icky when it comes to sales – after all why would anyone want to hear from you again when you sent them an email just the other month?! So you create ALL of the products but tell NO-ONE about them…
  • You join every webinar and download every freebie, with all good intentions to implement what you’ve learnt. But then procrastination strikes and you’re right back where you were to begin with…
Do you know why I recognise so much of this? Because I’ve been exactly where you are now…

I remember being petrified to talk about manifestation to people, never mind putting my thoughts about it on the internet for all to see. I feared judgement, worrying too much about what other people would think, rather than follow that gut instinct in the depths of my stomach telling me this was something I needed to explore.

I wanted more people to understand the true power of the universe and to do that, I had to step into who I was meant to be and create a community.

To be honest, creating content and building a community wasn’t the problem – I’d done that for years with an interior design business I ran. But turning manifestation into a source of income? Now, that’s where the real battle started in my head. After all, how could I charge for my knowledge and time when it was spirituality-led? When it was soul-led?

So, I created free product after free product, and while this filled my heart, I just knew I was meant to step into being a coach to help people turn their vision boards into the reality I knew they could.

The universe even tried to intervene on a number of occasions, sending women who ASKED me to coach them. I dipped my toes in the water, but didn’t charge much at all – after all, if you don’t charge people, no-one can complain if you’re not up to par, right?! This was my mindset and I know it’s some of yours. 

But I knew that if I was to create this life I had on my own vision board, I had to become truly aligned in my business and unblock the limiting beliefs that were crippling my growth.

I made the choice to be authentically me and quieten the noise of the outside world as I finally listened to what my intuition was telling me to do. I made it my mission to not only teach people about manifestation and mindset, but I took my 10+ years of brand building knowledge and combined spirituality with strategy. The one thing you should know about me is, I don’t talk fluff and I won’t just tell you think more positively – we put the action into the law of attraction around these parts. 

And do you want to what happened?

  • I stepped into my full potential of being a mindset & abundance coach, NLP and EFT practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and master manifestor
  • I increased my rates from £300 to £3333 for my signature 1:1 coaching program, The MAGIC Method™, and signed 4 x clients that very same week
  • I attract 110,000+ views to my website each and every month
  • My podcast landed on the No.1 spot on the iTunes Top Shows chart for Religion & Spirituality on its release date
  • I have grown a Facebook community from 20 members to 3000+ in two years
  • I magnetise soulmate customers so I’m able to sell out courses, programs and events
  • I have been featured on BBC Radio, The Sunday Times, Soul + Spirit Magazine, Metro Newspaper, YOU Magazine and Body + Soul Magazine
  • And the most important thing? I am lucky enough to work with the most amazing people like you each and every day
"No matter what stage you may be in your own business journey, there's so much to be gained by joining Soulful Business. As someone who had owned their own business for 6 years but had started a brand new one earlier in the year, I felt as though I was starting all over again.
Joining the programme allowed me to better understand my role in my new business – what I brought to it as an individual which made it unique. It allowed me to understand my why and really explore who my ideal client was and how better to reach them. It gave me permission to spend time 'on' my business rather than just 'in' my business. The lessons combine practicality with spirituality. Expect to put the work in if you want to really get something out of it. The mindset work allows you to take a very honest look at yourself and how you think – this can sometimes be difficult (and even painful at times) but its healing work and you come out of it feeling stronger and more prepared to face whatever challenges are ahead.
It's not all woo and therapy though, there are so many practical tips and suggestions for really driving your business forward. It's a great balance for those who want to create a business that not only makes money but also fulfils you and makes you feel that you are doing something worthwhile and from the heart.
Victoria is a wonderful coach – gentle and warm when you need reassurance but firm too in the most loving way. She has a wonderful way of thinking outside the box, asking questions that lead you to an answer you already knew, you just didn't know you knew it!"

But away from those surface level achievements and accolades, the key to my happiness now is that I feel truly aligned to my purpose and my message. I understand who my soulmate client is and I know how to attract and nurture her. I have the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world and feel excited when I launch a product or service, rather than being filled with fear about what people might think of me.

And I know you can feel the same way too – whether your business is still in its infancy, whether you’re a pro and just need some help getting back on track again, or whether you have a side hustle that you know deep down could be the perfect way to escape your 9-5.

Imagine 5 weeks from now? You wake up feeling so aligned to your purpose, you have a raft of ideas and launches and feel excited about getting your voice out into the world. You have people who want to buy from you and money starts to flow with ease, rather than with the desperate, stressed energy you’ve had in the past.

Who is Soulful Business designed for?

Soulful Business is for the person who is a full time entrepreneur but feels out of alignment, they need a helping hand moving their brand forward and would like help overcoming blocks that are holding them back.

Soulful Business is for the person who is searching for the business bestie, their community, their tribe. Others that understand the trials and tribulations, but also love to mix of spirituality and strategy. 

Soulful Business is for the person who has a brand new business and wants to start on the right foot. They want to align themselves to their soulmate client and understand how to sell without feeling the ick. 

Soulful Business is for the person who runs a side business, wanting to amplify their income and create a solid plan to one day turn it into a full-time gig. 

Soulful Business is for the person who might be working 9-5, but has an amazing idea for a business, knows there is a gap in the market for their service or product, and wants to kick-start their journey in the most aligned way possible. 

What does the group MASTERMIND experience include?

Soulful Business is a little different to normal group coaching programs because I wanted to create something that works for you more than just one hour a week.

  • Over the space of 3 months, you will receive a brand-new module every other Monday mornings 8am, covering everything from the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your growth to mastering a sales mindset with ease and creating content that converts, so you can feel confident with each area of your business moving forward. Each module is available in written, audio and video format.
  • Each week you will also have the opportunity ask me any questions, for guidance or feedback during a live one-hour group coaching video call. This will take place on a Thursday evening at 7pm. 
  • One thing I found myself struggling with in the past with group setting scenarios, is being put on the spot and feeling panicked in a virtual room of people I’d never met. This is why I wanted to create a safe space for you to drop in once a week, if and when you need help at a time that suits you. You will never be made to speak and can sit back and take in the coaching goodness for others or even put your question forward and stay anonymous.
  • The beauty of a group setting like this is, when you bring talented, creative people into one space, there is a true magic to be had. You see, we face – or will have faced at some point – similar problems as entrepreneurs. Soulful Business allows others to put ideas forward, ask for feedback, and even collaborate in a space that feels supportive, uplifting and most importantly – judgement free. 
  • There will also be a high-vibe Facebook community group where we can come together and share ideas, ask for help or shout about our wins and light bulb moments. If you need support on a product launch or social media sharing, we’ve got you. So many of the women in the first cohort collaborated and still support each other in the group to this day.
"Ever since connecting with Victoria through her Facebook group I knew I was going to do a course with her, I just had to! I took part in her Soulful Business course and have to admit I simply didn't want it to end! Victoria is such an inspiring person and genuinely generous in sharing her extensive knowledge, both when it comes to manifesting, as well as advertising and business itself. She also created a group which became a tight net of support and empowerment way beyond the duration of the course - people I can still call on whenever I want to share a success or get advice. Soulful Business helped me detect and overcome huge money barriers and through daily reminders and great work sheets helped improve my self belief and most of all brought out a sheer determination to succeed. I so highly recommend this course and any work with Victoria. She’s one of a kind!"


MODULE one beliefs in business: We will start at the very core of every business – limiting beliefs and blocks around your growth, self-worth and so much more. In this module, we will deep dive into the thought patterns you have as a business owner – think content, community, judgment of others and more – and start to reframe our thinking into a much more aligned, positive way. This is so you can develop a possibilities mindset moving forward and understand how to break down blocks that arise in the future.

MODULE two clarity + direction: Here is where we become truly aligned to what we want our business to look like moving forward, what we believe can happen and what our intuition is telling us. In module two, listening to universal guidance is incredibly important as we shut out the noise from outside and listen to what our soul is telling us. This is where the master plan takes place so you can feel aligned and confident in your business journey and know that you are truly following your true passion.

MODULE THREE YOUR SOULMATE CLIENT: Understanding your soulmate client or customer is so much more than giving them a name and knowing where they shops. It is about understanding what their worries are, what their desires are, what makes them choose one product over another. You see, when you understand your soulmate client, attracting them becomes the easy bit in business because they will feel so pulled to you, it’s like everything you put out there was just for them. In this module we will also take a look at Human Design and how you can speak to your soulmate client when you understand how your energy is best used.

MODULE four content that converts: Module four will see us look at different content ideas to bring in your soulmate client so you can help them resonate with you over your competitor. You know the feeling of being magnetically pulled to a brand because their message just feels…right? This is what magic we’ll be creating in module four. We will look at your offers and create content ideas that lead effortlessly into this, including sales funnels and building community.

MODULE FIVE MAGNETIC SALES + MONEY MINDSET: Finally, to draw the program to a close, we will focus on mastering your mindset so sales feel less icky and more aligned, authentic and in flow. In this module, I will also teach you everything I know about manifesting money into my business – Soulful Business isn’t about reaching for those £100k months, but about creating a balanced life as a creative entrepreneur having £3k months, £5k months or even £10k months. 

“I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I signed up to Soulful Business but I have followed Victoria for a while and have felt very aligned with everything she says. I was in a total funk with my business, not knowing what direction I was heading and feeling like the fun had been taking out of it. I knew I needed something, and Soulful Business was calling to me. And now I know why! The course was so much more than I could ever have expected. It gave me the time and space to reassess everything and Vic’s advice was second to none. She made me realise that I can run my business my way, and not how I think it should be run. The other ladies on the course were amazing too, I have collaborated with a few of them and will definitely be working with them more in the future. Soulful Business gave me exactly what I needed, and I will be revisiting the material time and time again to keep my business heading the way I want it to.”
The Finer Details
  • There are just 10 spots available on Soulful Business – I am keeping our mastermind limited because of how much focus I want to put into each person that invests in themselves. You’re not just a number to me, you are a soul, a person with real challenges and dreams and a business that I can’t wait to know more about.
  • Each module comprises of a video, audio and written blog post format, to suit your preferred learning style.
  • You will receive a workbook for each module, as well as other resources such as meditations, guided visualisations, crystal and book recommendations and more.
  • Each module is available in an online log-in portal which you will receive details of as soon as the course starts.
  • Each week there will be a live group coaching call where I can help with any guidance you may need. This takes place on Thursdays 7pm (12 live calls all together). 
  • As soon as you sign up for the program, you will receive a questionnaire to fill in to make sure your business worries and questions are answered throughout the three months of working together.
  • You will also receive a welcome gift of a specially recorded 15-minute guided meditation for success in business to listen to on a daily basis to help reprogram your mind from the get-go.
Sounds amazing, right? So what is the investment?

A single coaching session with me is priced at £333 – in Soulful Business you are getting access to me 3 months.

The course material itself is worth £1500+.

Plus the extras such as the Facebook group, resources, meditations and anything else I decided to throw in – because we all know I can’t help but create more content for you!

That’s easily over £3000+.

However, the Soulful Business 3 Month Mastermind is just…


There is also a 3-month payment plan available so you can get started for just £370.00.

If you know that you’re ready to feel in full control and alignment in your business, if you know that you’re tired of having the same conversations in your head, if you know that you’re ready to make 2022 the year you fully step into your highest self and are ready to put the action in – then Soulful Business is for you. Are you in?!


Would you like to be on the waiting list for Soulful Business to find out as soon as the doors open? Each cohort of Soulful Business has been a sell-out, so if you feel drawn to this mastermind then click the button below to add your details to our VIP list.

As a special thank you, you will receive an exclusive Soulful Business Weekly Planner.

“There isn't just one thing that makes Soulful Business such a gem - it's the mountain of value you gain from being a part of an amazing group of people so passionate and determined to succeed on their own terms, led by Victoria, who is so inspiring, understanding, and knowledgeable about way more than manifesting your dream work life, but in practical solutions too. Each module came at the perfect time, with advice, mindset work, and scripting which I found particularly useful, and just when you think that your energy won't shift any further, the group calls took it up a notch. Soulful Business has introduced me to a group of women who have unknowingly inspired me to keep going when I've had a tough day, shared invaluable knowledge and taught me that I don't have to know everything from day one. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with two other soulful business owners with beautifully positive outcomes, and I have two other opportunities in the pipeline for later in the year. Soulful Business is the first course I have paid to do, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with Victoria again. The value I've gained from the course can't be quantified - as a solo worker, I thrived on having someone to be accountable to and it's given me the mindset change that I needed to go out and fulfil my potential, regardless of the things I perceived to be holding me back.”
Frequently Asked Q&A

I have a side hustle – will this still help me?

Whether you have a side business or you have been in business for years, becoming energetically aligned and understanding the core message of your brand, as well as your soulmate client, is essential for authentic growth and success. Even if you have a blog that you want to monetise, Soulful Business will offer the guidance and support you need to build a strong foundation.

Previous students have included: Interiors Retailer, Candle Brand Founder, Celebrant, Virtual Assistant, Yoga Teacher + Holistic Beauty Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Self-Love Coach, Natural Beauty Brand Founder, Content Creator and so many more amazing souls.

What if I’m just starting a business? I just have the idea at the moment…

Again, the modules and coaching with me will make sure you start on the best possible foot. I wish I’d had all of this knowledge when I launched my first business in 2014 and as someone who has been there, done that AND worn the t-shirt, I’m here to hold your hand along the way and make sure you can take what you need from my past lessons. What I will say though is, for any business to become income-generating, there has to be a need for it in the market. There has to be a customer out there that is searching for a service or product that you are considering working on. If this is the case, then Soulful Business is for you. If you are unsure, drop me an email on and let’s chat.

What if I’m unable to make it to the live coaching call one week?

I understand just how busy life can be, especially with childcare and other commitments which is why there are 6 coaching calls included and each call is recorded and available in the Facebook group afterwards. Coaching calls will be Thursday’s at 7pm UK time – please note, refunds will not be given if you decide the coaching session does not suit your timezone. 

How long can I access the course material?

Once you invest in Soulful Business, the course material is yours for life. 

How long will each module take to complete?

I would suggest with the work you need to do, listening/watching/reading the module and the drop-in coaching clinic, it will be around 1.5 hours from your week. Of course, this isn’t 1.5 hours in one sitting – you can schedule this to fit in and around your own time. 

How does the payment plan work?

If you chose the payment plan model, you will pay £370 up front and then your next payments will come out the following months on the same date you made the first payment. You are able to pay via debit or credit card.

Can you guarantee results?

Like with anything in life, you can not guarantee something to happen. However, I deeply believe in this program and the mindset skills and business strategies I teach and if the action is taken and you commit to the work, then you will see positive shifts both personally and within your business. The testimonials on this page and across my website are from real life people who have worked with my in Soulful Business. Disclaimer: I do not guarantee increased income.

How are you qualified to be running this program? 

Good question! On the internet there is a raft of people claiming to be coaches – specially business coaches – that have no proven business experience. With a BA Hons in Brand Promotion & Journalism, I know first of all what it takes to promote a brand like yours in the market and attract the right kind of customer/client. I was also the editor of an industry-leading menswear magazine for 10 years, growing partnerships with brands such as The British Fashion Council and Copenhagen Fashion Week. After building my own multi-award-winning interior design brand – Apartment Number 4 – I have since retrained to become a certified Mindset & Abundance Coach, NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist and have had my work featured in the likes of The Sunday Times, Metro, London Evening Standard, Body + Soul Magazine, as well as being interviewed for BBC Radio. Clients of mine have gone on to launch their own successful business, which are, most importantly, profitable and continually growing – the testimonials featured here are just snippets of what past clients have experienced working with me. 

Please do drop me an email ( with any other questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

manifesting for beginners bundle

…and I’m a certified mindset and abundance coach, NLP & EFT practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, focused on helping women amplify their lives and turn their vision board into a reality through manifestation, mindset and more.

After discovering the law of attraction in 2016, I began learning as much as I could about how the human mind works in conjunction with the energy of the universe. 

This path of growth and self-discovery over the last five years has led me to becoming a successful coach here in the UK, helping people like you lift themselves from a funk, get clarity on which direction their life is heading, become truly aligned to their soul purpose and understand how to increase happiness, wealth and abundance.

My mission is to help you build a life you love rather than one on repeat.