The Magic Method™

The Magic Method™ is my signature manifestation and mindset teachings, which I created and trademarked in 2020. This is a method I use throughout my coaching and community, focusing on…

Manifestation – I make manifestation easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to implement into daily life. Long gone are over complicated rituals and techniques. Through our coaching together, the concept of manifestation will become second nature and something you finally understand how to embrace.

Abundance – Attracting abundance, not just financial abundance, but richness in health, wealth, love and life, is central to my teachings. I believe we are deserving of unlimited abundance and living a life that feels as good as it looks is a non-negotiable.

Clarity – For true alignment, I help women like you create a blueprint of what they want life and business to truly be. As a certified mindset coach, it is my job to help guide you to clarity, direction and focus.

Ignite – As a true Manifestor profile in Human Design, I thrive in initiating. In cheerleading. In sparking the match to your flame. Throughout our coaching together, I will hold you accountable for taking aligned action towards the life you want. And that includes imperfect and messy action.

Goals – Goal setting gets to feel exciting and expansive. With The Magic Method™ we focus on creating a possibilities mindset, dreaming bigger than ever before, knowing we are being guided by the Universe. 

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“Working with Victoria was one of the best things I could have done for myself at such a crucial time of my life. She not only cast doubt out of mind but made me realise I am so much more worthy of building an amazing future with the experience and skills I have already. I just want to thank Victoria for giving me the space to feel safe and supported.”



“Victoria helped me sift through the web of confusion that had invaded my brain and together we put together a clear game plan in place. I instantly felt a shift in my energy and began to see real changes just 24 hours after our call together.”



“Working with Victoria this year has been life changing – both in my personal life and business. I came away from every session feeling so high vibe and excited and knew that I had support from Vic to help celebrate the highs and come back from any wobbles I had. I now feel confident in what I’m doing and know I can trust my instinct.”

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