10 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

How to raise your vibrations

What a weekend. If I were to sum up the last two days, I’d have to say self-indulgent. After feeling “off” for the past week or so – anyone else struggled with Mercury being in retrograde? – I wanted to dedicate some time to switching my mindset and getting back to feeling my best. It worked so well, I decided to pull together this essential guide on how to raise your vibrations if you’ve been suffering from the same.

I don’t know about you but when I’m in a positive mindset, it feels like I’m genuinely unstoppable. Plus, it just feels really nice to wake up and be excited about the day instead of feeling “meh”.

So, what do I mean by raising my vibrations? We often hear people generically talk about positive vibes but let me explain this in the most scientific way I know possible – science wasn’t a strong point of mine at school, but let’s give it a go anyway.

When you get down into the nitty gritty of the molecular structure, everything you see, including you and me, is made up of energy in motion. Nothing on this planet is solid, even the chair you’re sitting on or the computer you’re reading this on. That’s a fact.

And although this energy is always in motion, what we’re able to do is manipulate that motion by changing its vibration. For example, we can manipulate water to freeze or turn into steam. It’s the same energy, the same water it always was, we’ve just changed its vibration to manipulate the end result.

It’s the same with our bodies. Once we change our vibrations or our frequency, we start to pick up aligning frequencies, just like you do when you’re tuning in your favourite radio station. This is why we say positivity attracts positivity. Like attracts like.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in love or just really happy, you seem to have a glow about you? I know I have. It’s almost as if you’re physically changing your form because of your high vibrations, and people will start to view you differently. When you meet a genuinely happy and positive person, that feeling radiates from them, doesn’t it? And I feel an attraction to that person’s energy and way of being. It’s good to be around. Infectious, even. It works the same way with someone who’s constantly negative. The instinct is to move away from or not spend time with them.

Truth be told, my vibrations had been low since February. Not for any reason in particular, but after entering the year on such a high (work was amazing, I’d seen lots of people I love over the Christmas period, and I had that reassuring New Year motivation), I think I just needed some time to recharge.

I decided I needed to get a handle on my mindset and start feeling more like myself again. And that’s what this weekend was about. Here’s how to raise your vibrations in 10 different ways.

Find Time To Meditate

Over the last year, I’ve found meditation to be one of the best ways to calm my overactive mind. At first my brain would jump all over the place, struggling to keep focus for longer than 30 seconds. But as time’s progressed, I’ve been able to spend 10 minutes lying in bed during my Miracle Morning routine and clearing my mind for the day. I’ve always listened to a duo on YouTube called The Honest Guys, but absolutely love the free sessions you get via Headspace.

Write A Gratitude Journal

I spent a good hour this weekend writing and thinking about everything I was grateful for in my life. And let me tell you, that’s a lot.

Feeling grateful is the key to attracting more amazing things into your life. If you’re focusing on the lack, you’ll attract more lack. If you focus on the good, you attract more goodness.

I sat and wrote down everything from having a beautiful home to live in, to having the money to be able to buy nice food to eat, to having the internet that allowed me to create a job I love, to the cats for not destroying my new sofa.  I swear, I wrote about 6 pages both sides full of things I was grateful for, and it made me realise just how lucky I am.  Which sounds like a simple thing, but sometimes we become so swept up in day to day life, we become complacent with everything we currently have to be thankful for.

Check Your Thoughts

Over the last 48 hours, I made a conscious decision to check in and stop myself when I felt a negative, judgmental or critical thought coming to the surface. This can be one of the hardest tasks, especially if you’re a pessimistic person, but you’ll notice such a shift in your energy when you start to do it.

For example, usually when I’m driving and other people do something that I personally find annoying on the road, I can feel negative, swear and just generally not be a nice person. Let’s call it a mild case of road rage. This weekend, I gave way to people I probably wouldn’t have before, didn’t swear once, smiled and turned up some good music.

It might sound like a silly example, but that situation is often my downfall when I’m in a positive state of mind, so tackling my thoughts behind the wheel meant I had a much calmer day. Try it today. Once a negative thought comes into your mind, try to turn it on its head and either forget it, see the positive, or remember you’re not here to judge how someone else lives their life.

Reprogram Your Crystals

I’ve been a fan of using crystal energy for just over a year now, and have quite the collection including citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and many others dotted around the house.

Sometimes, however, your crystals will need reprogramming so they can send out the best possible energy for what you need. After washing each crystal with salt and water, I followed this tutorial online to discover how to reprogram them and set a new intention for each.

My citrine, for example, is programmed to attract financial abundance and success with my work, while my rose quartz is designed to help me attract more love into my life.

Once I’d done this, I genuinely felt a clearer energy running through my home. It sounds “woo” to those who don’t understand crystals, but it felt like the old energy attached to them had dispersed.

Oracle Reading

I picked up some Oracle cards from Anthropologie recently for no other reason than they looked pretty (always looking for the styling props).

Oracle cards are slightly different to tarot, in the way that there’s no set structure to them. You can either pick one card to answer a question quickly and give you instant clarity. You can pick two cards to indicate how you have been feeling and how you will feel about a situation, or you can pick three cards to explain how you feel in the mind, body and soul.

When I feel like I need guidance of some sort, I’ll pick one card on a morning and it often helps me clarify my mindset around a situation. It’s like reading your daily horoscope I suppose, you take from it what you wish.

Understand Shamanic Tapping

Shamanic tapping is a way of clearing your energetic paths and it’s something I’ve only just discovered through the Law of Attraction Solutions YouTube Channel when I’ve been searching for different ways to raise your vibrations.

The video I watch (click here) demonstrates how to tap positive energy into your body at certain areas i.e. the chest, the crown of your head, different pulse points.

This video talks about shamanic tapping to manifest a specific amount of money, but I often change the script to focus on other things, like health, love or something material. The first time I did this I felt a little overwhelmed, but I come away on such a natural high now it’s almost addictive.

Try Scripting

Scripting is a way of journaling where you write as if you already have what you’re wishing to attract. For example, if we’re talking about manifesting your dream home, you journal as if you’re writing your diary in this house. You could talk about how much you love going down into the open plan kitchen to make a coffee and how you have so much space to be able to invite friends over. Or you’re so happy in your master bedroom and how you love the colour you’ve chosen for the walls.

To help raise your vibrations within the Law of Attraction, you act as if you already have what you’re wishing for and scripting really helps this. Plus, it’s nice to daydream and feel excited about what it will be like when you get what you’ve asked the universe for. Read my blog post here on how to script your manifestations into reality.

Get Moving

Although I didn’t want to talk about the generic ways to raise your vibrations such as drinking more water and eating high-frequency foods such as fruit, vegetables and nuts, I did want to mention how much better my mental health is after taking regular yoga classes.

For the last month, I’ve been going to yoga 3-4 times a week, from Hatha yoga (concentrating on your breathing) to fitness yoga. And I feel such a difference for doing it, both physically and mentally.

It doesn’t just have to be yoga, you could turn on the radio and dance around your kitchen or go for a walk around the local park or making your meditation a moving meditation. You’ll be surprised at the stillness you can get in the mind when the body is in focused flow. Moving the body is a great way to get a hit of endorphins and feel less stressed.  

Implement A Social Detox

One of the most damaging factors to my positive mindset is social media. Or should I say some of the people I’ve found myself following on social media.

This weekend I spent a little time going through Instagram and Twitter and muting or unfollowing accounts that made me feel negative about myself. I will say now, however, it’s rarely about the person that I’m muting and more about how they make me feel about myself.

It’s not an overnight process but every time I see an image that doesn’t inspire me or makes me feel a certain way inside, I press mute. And slowly my feeds are becoming places of inspiration and positivity.

Just Smile

This is a simple one but absolutely the most effective. If you can only do one thing today to raise your vibrations, let it be this. Smile.

Forcing a smile has the power to shift your energy completely. I start the day by smiling and in all honesty, this weekend I’ve done nothing but smile, especially after dedicating time to do all of the above.

I’m so past the point of caring what other people think about me and my woo ways, I just want to bottle up this feeling and see if I can pass it on. So, if you ever see me smiling away like a lunatic, don’t leave a girl hanging and smile back.

Would you class yourself as a naturally positive person or do you need a little help time to time like me? I’d love to know if do any of the above and how you raise your vibrations.

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