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Are you ready to bring your vision board to life?

My mission is to help women who feel unfulfilled and out of alignment, disconnected from joy, and simply existing through the daily grind, transform into a new season of life. How do I do that? Through subconscious reprogramming, mindset coaching and guiding them through my signature manifestation teachings so they can create a life they truly love and have the mindset tools to move forward with confidence. Does this resonate at all? Perfect, you’re in the right place…


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Hello, I'm Victoria...

On the professional side of things, I’m a Certified Mindset Coach specialising in Neuro Energetic Encoding, EFT practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, podcast host and published author – sounds pretty fancy, right! But I’m also your soulful bestie from Yorkshire, cat mum to Shirley + Audrey and lover of floaty dresses and solo travel trips.

I blend a combination of manifestation and mindset work to help you:

✨️ Gain clarity, direction and focus so you can create a life that feels as good as it looks
✨️ Overcome limiting beliefs so you can step into your highest self
✨️Declutter what no longer feels aligned so the universe can deliver magic to fill its place
✨️Create an action plan so you can achieve your goals with ease
✨️And embrace a toolbox of manifestation techniques so you can feel more positive, in control and excited about life again.

Manifestation Coach Victoria Jackson

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Whether you’re looking for a powerful single coaching session to shift your energy, or a 3 to 6-month bespoke program for deep, soul-shifting transformation, let’s see how I can help.


The Soulful Business Coach Victoria Jackson




If you’re looking for a community of like-minded souls, regular masterclasses, meditations and high-vibes throughout the month, then The Collective Membership is the perfect spot for you.

Pre-order my book

Manifesting For Beginners

Published with Octopus Books (Hachette Publishing) Manifesting For Beginners includes all you need to get started on your journey with the universe, with key insights into the power of positive thought and practical steps for creating your reality. Each chapter is full of useful tips and easy exercises for you to try at home, from positive affirmations and actions to journaling prompts.

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The Ultimate Manifesting For Beginners Bundle is designed for those gorgeous souls looking to understand how manifestation works and how to turn their vision board into reality. Expect mini courses, meditations, workbooks, journal prompts, planners and so much more.