…and welcome to The Manifestation Collective. I believe we’re led to certain people, places and opportunities exactly when we need them the most, so with that said let me introduce myself.

As a certified mindset coach specialising in neural energetic encoding, EFT practitioner, clinical hynotherapist, and modern manifestation guide, I help women who feel unfulfilled and out of alignment, disconnected from joy, and simply existing through the daily grind, transform into a new season of life.

How do I do that? Through subconscious reprogramming, mindset coaching and guiding them through my signature manifestation teachings to help them build a life they truly love.


here’s a little story about how I discovered manifestation

Ever since discovering the law of attraction in my late 20’s after reading The Secret, my ethos in life and business has been about blending soul with strategy, spirituality and a little science thrown in for good measure. 

I wasn’t always like this though. Throughout my 20’s, I’d worked as the editor of a men’s fashion magazine. On social media, my life was filled with glamorous parties and passport stamps.

But in reality, I was crying on the way to work, hiding in the toilets when my anxiety got out of control and I experiencing spiralling negative thoughts. I spent most days complaining about my life, without ever doing anything to change it. 

Life changed dramatically when I discovered the power of a positive mindset. It sounds simple doesn’t it, but for someone who was so resolute on focusing on the negatives in life, to experience how my thoughts could shift my reality in the best way possible, really was soul-altering.

Of course, it didn’t happen overnight. It took years of personal development, coaching and investing in myself, to be at the energetic frequency I am now. 

But the last six years have resulted in the most amazing changes in my life. I am not just the coach who preaches, I am the coach fully immersed in the work I teach my clients, to live the life I once put on my vision board.

The Manifestation Collective was built to make the magic of manifestation accessible for everyone. You see, when I first dipped my toes into waters of the universe, I felt overwhelmed with buzzwords and a feeling that I just didn’t fit in. I wasn’t a blonde goddess on the beaches of LA surrounded by my crystals. I wasn’t manifesting millions of pounds or a mansion.

I was the girl next door, Victoria from the north of England, feeling completely lost, who wanted to create an amazing, balanced life with freedom to work from anywhere she pleased, with a house she loved and maybe a soulmate in there to round things off. I felt like my dreams weren’t big enough for the world of manifesting guru’s but that’s when I realised, perhaps this was actually my superpower?

Perhaps there were others out there like me, who wanted to embrace manifestation and a more spiritual, connected outlook, without craving millions of pounds, designer handbags and super-cars? Maybe our dreams could just be those connected to our soul and not connected to how we’d look on social media? 

Get to Know Me

1. Where I love to travel:

manhattan beach

2. My favourite crystal:


3. The Quality that Makes me Successful:

trust in the universe

4. When I’m Not Working, You can Find Me:

making a new vision board

5. The Best Advice I can Offer You:

no means next opportunity

6. My Most Rewarding Experience to Date:

launching this business

7. If I wasn’t a Coach, I would be A:

interior designer

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