…and welcome to The Manifestation Collective. I believe we’re led to certain people, places and opportunities exactly when we need them the most, so with that said let me introduce myself.

As a Certified Mindset Coach specialising in Neural Energetic Encoding + Neural Energetic Wiring, EFT Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, and manifestation guide, I help women who feel unfulfilled and out of alignment, disconnected from joy, and simply existing through the daily grind, transform into a new season of life.

How do I do that? Through subconscious reprogramming, mindset coaching and guiding them through my signature manifestation teachings – The MAGIC Method to help them build a life they truly love.




Yes Supply Official Coach Training – Approved by the International Coaching Federation

Certified Mindset Coaching specialising in Neural Energetic Encoding + Energetic Wiring

With this knowledge, I am able to help you access and reprogram your subconscious, target memories, stored emotions and limiting beliefs and recode your neural pathways to allow you to see a different model of the world. These are great techniques to use when you have limiting beliefs around what is possible for you to manifest in this world.

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

Using conversational hypnosis techniques, we can program your subconsious to cement a new belief. This is the perfect tool for building confidence, for example, as you step into the energy of your highest self.

Certified EFT Practitioner

By using the Emotional Freedom Technique of Tapping, we are able to release blocked energy around certain beliefs you may have that are stopping you from moving into the next level of your life. This is a great technique, for example, to use when manifesting financial abundance into your life/business.



“Working with Victoria was one of the best things I could have done for myself at such a crucial time of my life. She not only cast doubt out of mind but made me realise I am so much more worthy of building an amazing future with the experience and skills I have already. I just want to thank Victoria for giving me the space to feel safe and supported.”



“Victoria helped me sift through the web of confusion that had invaded my brain and together we put together a clear game plan in place. I instantly felt a shift in my energy and began to see real changes just 24 hours after our call together.”



“Working with Victoria this year has been life changing – both in my personal life and business. I came away from every session feeling so high vibe and excited and knew that I had support from Vic to help celebrate the highs and come back from any wobbles I had. I now feel confident in what I’m doing and know I can trust my instinct.”

Get to Know Me

1. Where I love to travel:

manhattan beach

2. My favourite crystal:


3. The Quality that Makes me Successful:

trust in the universe

4. When I’m Not Working, You can Find Me:

making a new vision board

5. The Best Advice I can Offer You:

no means next opportunity

6. My Most Rewarding Experience to Date:

launching this business

7. If I wasn’t a Coach, I would be A:

interior designer

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