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Design Your Dream Life Masterclass

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life masterclass my love. This masterclass is a mixture of teachings, interactive journaling and tasks for you to leave the class and do afterwards. So, find somewhere comfortable to sit, grab your journal and pen, a nice drink and let’s get started.


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…and not only am I your Certified Mindset Coach specialising in Neural Energetic Encoding and Wiring, EFT practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner and Manifestation Guide, but I’m also a published author with my debut book, Manifesting for Beginners (Octopus Publishing), a no.1 charting podcast host, and have been featured across the media including BBC Radio, The Guardian Newspaper, Metro, London Evening Standard, The Sunday Times Magazine, Body + Soul, Soul + Spirit and more.

What am I like as a coach? I’m warm, I’m open, I’m your biggest cheerleader…but I’ll also hold you accountable for making the most of your investment and there may be a gentle nudge in the direction you want to go along the way. Everything I say is given with love, and if you like a northern no-bullsh*t sense of humour, then you might just vibe with me (discover more about me on my podcast here).

Helping to facilitate real transformations, deep in the subconscious, is where I thrive – guiding you step into the highest version of yourself that’s right there, just ready to be uncovered.

Manifestation Coach Victoria Jackson