The Power Of Consciously Manifesting During Any 2222 Date

2222 meaning

Did you notice the date today oh gorgeous soul? Yes, the 2
nd of February (2022 at the time of writing).


The date is incredible in terms of manifestation. However, any 2 date is powerful when we look at the spiritual 2222 meaning. 

In numerology, the number 2 sequence, whether it be alone or in 22/222/2222, represents divine feminine energy, harmony, relationships, love and communication.

What does the 2222 angel number have to do with manifestation?

If you are manifesting love into your life, then let today be the day you step into that soulmate energy. Today isn’t about manifesting more money or more success, but finding that calm, aligned peace in your life that will bring you true happiness deep in your soul.

Is it love for a significant other, or is it love for yourself, perhaps?

Your powers right now as a manifestor are supercharged. Like, SUPERCHARGED. On fire even.

So, ask yourself this. Are there any areas of your life that feel out of alignment right now? What comes to mind when you read the words love, harmony, balance, communication and relationships? How can you bring more peace and calm into your life?

With the New Moon in Aquarius last night, this really is a time of new beginnings and stepping into the version of you that you truly know you can be. The highest version of you that loves themselves wholly and sheds anything now that isn’t serving you anymore and is holding you back.

Again, what is coming up for you when you read this? Start to make notes in your journal if you need.

The season we are about to enter as a collective is about bringing more purpose to life. More beauty in the ordinary. This is about society waking up, turning away from the screen and welcoming more human touch, human contact, human pleasure into our lives.

Remember what I said about the divine feminine. This is about energy. The divine feminine brings perspective, balance, and invites us to be intuitive, reflective, and heart-centred. How can you embrace more of this moving forward? Where does your focus need to go?

So, how can you maximise your manifestation powers when you see 2222?

Here’s a little exercise to do that embraces that magic number of 22. Get three pieces of paper and write 22 things you want to leave behind, forgive and release. Think of those things that no longer serve you. Limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Situations that you want to forgive and forget. People who you want to release.

Then move into the energy of gratitude by writing 22 things you are truly thankful for right now in your life. Who are you grateful for? What are you grateful for? This is such a powerful energy to neutralise your emotions before you move into the final list…

Finally, write 22 desires you would like to come to you in the next year. Big, small, amazing, every day – 22 things you would like to manifest in the year ahead.

Spend some time reading your lists back. Take your first list and tear it into shreds. Burn it (carefully), toss it in the bin. Do what you need to do to release it.

Fold up your gratitude list and have it handy to read through whenever you’re feeling in a shaky, lack mindset. I’d recommend your purse or taking a photo of it and keeping it in your notes app.

Finally, place your desires list under your pillow as you sleep tonight and get ready for the universe to create the most amazing magic moving forward.

If you’ve ever wondered if the universe can hear you, know that today her ears are wide open. Speak your desires into existence and prepare yourself for the most amazing energy 2222 is going to bring.

Do come over to Instagram, let me know what you’re manifesting this year and whether the 2222 meaning means anything to you. What angel numbers do you spot?

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