How to Rehearse For Success When Manifesting

A member of The Collective Membership posed the question recently, asking; “Instead of planning for the worst, how do I rehearse for success instead?”. Firstly, I high-fived the air when I heard this question. What an immediately abundant reframe. With this being something I do on the regular, I wanted to share my answers more broadly in today’s post. Here are some of the ways I rehearse for success when I’m consciously manifesting something into my life. 

Let’s Talk About The Energy Of Planning For The Worst 

Planning for the worst is something we all do, including myself, but there are ways that you can frame your thinking to help you get out of this cycle. This action is intrinsically linked to holding on too tight to your manifestation and not trusting in the universe to provide what it is that you desire. 

When we think our goals won’t happen, we plan for the worst. That way we don’t have to feel whatever emotions that come up; shame, embarrassment etc when you think of asking for something and then it not coming to fruition. Then if it doesn’t come true, we’ve proven our subconscious mind right because the subconscious told us to plan for the worst and the worst has happened which goes on to fuel our thoughts. And the loop continues.

Then, each and every time you go to manifest something amazing into your life, you think that it’s not going to happen. What’s happening here is your mindset is expecting the wrong outcome, which is leading to a change in behaviour, and then a change in your actions. This is science based not just manifestation based. 

I don’t believe that you attract everything bad into your life, just by the simple thought of it. If you’ve heard my thoughts on the book The Secret you’ll know that’s one of my biggest bugbears with the book. 

However, when you focus on an outcome that you don’t want, your mind filters everything that you need to see, experience and feel to make those thoughts a reality. 

If you are thinking the worst is going to happen, that focus is at the forefront of your mind so your mind filters out everything else and just shows you the evidence to prove that you are right and the worst is going to happen. 

How did I move over this hurdle?


When we don’t believe something can be ours and we’re holding on too tight, I lean into accepting that this might not go the way that I planned, and instead ask, ‘will I be safe if that’s the case? Will my life be okay? Can I accept plan B?’ 

This isn’t planning for the worst where you are attached to an outcome that you don’t want, but rather detaching from any hold that you might have and trusting that whatever happens is happening for a reason. 

Once I’ve embraced acceptance and reaffirmed that if my manifestation doesn’t come to fruition straight away, I will still be safe, I am able to release my hold. I can start leaning into that possibility mindset and I can start thinking about the positive ‘what ifs’. I might not always believe those positive things but the beauty of the mind is that it can’t tell the difference between a lie and a truth. 

Focusing on what could go right enables my subconscious to start creating new neural pathways as if it was a truth. 

While I’m not a trained anxiety specialist, I have had therapy for anxiety and negative thinking in the past and I know there are a number of distorted thinking patterns that could be worth looking into if you feel this problem is more deep rooted. These include the mental filter; where you’ll only pay attention to the negative evidence. There’s disqualifying the positive; where you discount anything good, and there’s overgeneralization; which is where you become overly broad in the conclusions you draw. For example, “nothing ever works out for me” or “nothing ever goes my way”. 

So now we’ve accepted and detached from our thoughts of the worst happening, how do we rehearse for success? 


First of all, I check and see what blocks I might have placed in the way of my manifestation reaching me or if any cords need cutting. 

Take this example: I want to attract more clients into my business but the links on my website aren’t working and I know this but I just haven’t fixed them. This is a block I can fix instantly to get that flow running again. 

Or maybe you’re trying to manifest love, but you’re still in some kind of situationship that needs cutting off. 

Understanding what blocks you have and actually doing something to alter them is a great way to rehearse and pre-empt that success. 


Acting as if it is another great way to rehearse for success. For example, I could ask myself ‘how would the version of me act if I had a bestselling book on Amazon?’. 

That version of me would be writing a text to tell her friends to share the news. She’d be writing an email to her community to share what’s happened. It doesn’t mean that I have to send that text or send that email but I can store it away until the day comes where I can send it. 

For example, my huge 2022 manifestation is to welcome £30,000 into my life over the next three months. I can act as if by pre-writing an Instagram caption to announce that I’ve done it or I could create a list of what I’m doing with the money once it’s in my space. 

Just a side note: I do have a plan for that money and that’s the reason behind me choosing that number. 


Embodiment is super similar to ‘acting as if’, but rather than carrying out physical tasks, with embodiment we are rehearsearing for success by forming a mindset of the person we’d be once our manifestation came to fruition 

For example, I’d plan for success by asking myself each morning; what would future me do today if she was already living that dream life? What decisions would I make? What habits would I form? What routines would I carry out? 

This is the whole reason I’ve been so vocal about getting to the gym most mornings since the start of January. 

I’m on the sixth week now, and that is coming from someone who did not work out at all. I’m being genuinely honest apart from nine weeks when I had a personal trainer, I did not work out. 

I knew if I wanted to move into the version of me on my vision board, that future me was the sort of person who woke up in the morning and exercises for her mental health.

Not for weight loss, not for getting that perfect body, but to shake her energy and to feel clear headed for the day ahead. I’m now six weeks in from going to the gym four or five times a week and I can now say that future me is now current me. What a statement to be able to say out loud. And this is what it’s all for. 


Another way I will rehearse for success is to put processes in place for when my manifestation does come into reality. This trick is a little bit more business focused, but it might help you nonetheless. 

When I opened the doors to The Collective Membership, my monthly manifestation membership group, I knew that I needed processes in place to welcome the amount of people I was manifesting. If I was attracting, say 20 people, I might have been able to be a little less strict with my strategy, but my aim for this year is to welcome 333 women.

So I have to build a business now as if those 333 souls were already here. 

How could I make sure that I didn’t have, for example, 333 people emailing me asking questions? I created a very detailed welcome pack that answered everything that I thought needed to be answered. I created an Excel spreadsheet of details for 333 people. So everything I was doing and will continue to do was based around planning for success with that number. 

So ask yourself, is there a way that you can rehearse for success by planning, creating processes and organizing?

If you’re a coach, a great one is to write out email templates. For example, if you want to sign new clients, have a template pre-written for you when you get that client. You’re pre-empting that success and you’re meeting the universe halfway by saying ‘I truly believe that this is gonna be mine’

I put together the welcome email and the welcome pack so when I do get that new client and they come to me, everything’s ready for them. Everything’s ready to just go. You’re also doing future you a big admin favour, financial favour – whatever your goal is future you thanks you for todays actions.


Finally, I make sure that there is space in my life for my manifestation to come through. 

For example, I am manifesting my soulmate. But for a long time, I physically had no room for that person and mentally. I was so busy working and building the business that there wasn’t any room for somebody new to enter my life. I was spending my nights working and I wasn’t going out. 

I certainly had no room for him in the house. So I began to clear things out. I began to clear out old energy and create space in a bedside table, in the wardrobe, in the bathroom. There is room now for somebody to enter my life and I have rehearsed the successful outcome and I plan for the best without being scared of the worst. 

We can rehearse for success and trust that we are resilient enough to deal with the worst. 

Life has a funny old way of working out in the end. So if right now you are struggling with waiting for your manifestation to appear. I want you to envision all of the things that might have to go on behind the scenes where current you can take action, to make it a reality for future you. 

You’re not being rejected, it might take a while, but even if you are redirected, let’s think about all the things, all the amazing possibilities that could come with that new path. 

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