What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Manifest


Considering the world right now, it would be a completely valid reaction to feel stumped when thinking about New Year intentions.  What if, right now, your mind feels foggy and you’re struggling to get clarity over what you really want from the year ahead?  What if, actually, you don’t know what to manifest?

Let me start by saying you’re certainly not alone.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard as many people say to me that they don’t know what to put on their vision board, as I have at the start of this year (note: this post was first written in January 2021, but the sentiment has remained the same for the last few years),

You see, the world feels a little out of our control right now, and it’s hard to imagine what next week looks like, never mind next year.

But the first thing to note is this; it will pass.  There will be a time when you look back and remember this moment.  You’ll remember weathering the storm.  And what it felt like to go without so many of the things we took for granted.

Secondly, the power of manifestation doesn’t just come to a halt because the economy does.  The magic of the universe doesn’t stop just because the Prime Minister tells us to stay at home.  Yes, it may take a little longer to appear, but the universe is still working in conjunction with us every step of the way.

Everything around us, including you and I, is still made up of vibrating frequencies ready to be tuned into Radio Magic, lockdown or no lockdown.  In fact, when the world gets quiet and the daily grind takes a step back, it becomes even easier for us to truly tune into and align ourselves with the right energy to attract those amazing things into our lives.

But, like I mentioned earlier, what if right now you don’t know what to manifest, never mind what energy frequency you should be aligning with.  This is where I utter those three little words that feel like a virtual cuddle…”I got you.”

Here are some helpful tips and questions to ask yourself when you’re looking to gain clarity over the direction of your life (as relevant in 2024 as when I first wrote three years ago) and ultimately help you understand what you’d like to attract during 2021 and beyond. 

What would feel good right now?

When it comes to goals, we’re often conditioned to feel like things need to be hard. We have that idea that achieving a goal or manifesting something needs to involve blood, sweat and tears, but I can tell you with experience, you can work towards something with ease once you feel truly aligned to it.

With that said, take a moment to get out your journal and pose the following question to yourself – what would feel good to manifest right now? And how could it be easeful?

The key here is to sit in your truth and think about what you want, not what you think you would have or what others want for you.  Alignment doesn’t come from you trying to fit into a mould you were never designed for. And easeful alignment, certainly doesn’t. 

Sidenote: You can download my free guided visualisation for your best year yet right here, designed to help you create a movie in your mind of your best year yet.

Ask yourself what you don’t want

We can often discover what we do want in life after we take a look at what we don’t want.  Are there things in your life right now that you’d like to change?  Perhaps you don’t want to commute so far to work anymore, so with that comes the idea that perhaps you’d like to manifest a new job somewhere closer to home?  Or maybe you don’t want to feel financially anxious each and every month, which could lead you to wanting to manifest more income through a side hustle?  Can you see how taking a look at what you don’t want in life can help shine a light on the things we do want to attract?

What does your ideal day look like?

A great way to get clarity when you don’t know what to manifest is to journal about your ideal day.  Find a quiet spot and allow yourself to breath and relax for a moment before taking pen to paper.

You’ll find a whole post about the concept of scripting your ideal day right here, but the idea in it’s simplest form is to write a diary entry as if you have just climbed into bed after your ideal day and describe in detail what happened, including everything from what time you woke up to how your house looked to how many hours you worked and what was in your wardrobe.

The first time I did this, I immersed myself fully in the process, so much so, I ended up writing 9 pages, front and back.

What would make you happier in this very moment, big or small?

Instead of thinking about the future, I’d love for you to recognise how you feel at this very moment and what would bring happiness and contentment.  When you’re in a higher vibrating energy, manifestations can appear very quickly, especially when they’re smaller things such as a text from someone you love or maybe a little gift.  What would help bring a little happiness to your life right now that you can start work on attracting?  If you’re new to the manifestation process, this blog on the 5 manifesting principles for beginners is the perfect place to start.

What areas of your life to do you feel out of alignment with?

Again, as mentioned above, when you’re faced with the issue of not knowing what to manifest, it can be easier to look at what areas of your life need the most attention.

Which parts of your daily routine feel out of alignment for you right now?  Are you looking to manifest weight loss?  Does your home environment feel out of alignment?  Look at what needs a shift in energy and start by planning your manifestations this way.

Don’t be scared to change your mind

When we start to set goals, plan our vision boards and think about what we’d like from life, especially in January when the twelve months ahead feel expansive and full of potential, we can feel the overwhelming need to think ‘big picture’ – new car, new home, pay off all debt, get married, have kids, travel the world etc.

But what if, right now, you actually just want to decorate the bathroom and be more organised day to day? Make these your intentions!

Take small actionable steps towards mini goals and as you move along the year, more changes you’d like to make might come to you.

One lesson we can take away from 2020 is that, although we can prep like we’ve never prepped before, there may also come a time when adaptation and releasing a tight grip become a necessity.  2021 is about learning to embrace all three and not being scared to change direction halfway through the year if we suddenly feel out of alignment.  Heck, you can change your mind halfway through the week if you like!  These are your intentions, your manifestations, your visions for your future.  It’s OK to try something, change your mind and go in a new direction.

A final thing to note is, if you’re struggling to know what to manifest and your vision board stands empty, please don’t worry.  Tilt to the good, take a break and reset. 

Treat January as the month you spend grounding yourself and understanding your desires.  Journaling and meditation are great ways to do this.

Give yourself the permission to simply sit in the energy you’re in now and allow the universe to deliver those amazing light bulb moments of clarity and direction when the time is right. Remember, you’re in this together.


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Are you struggling to know what to manifest this year or are you ready to take it by the horns and create a future you love?  Let me know in the comments below and as always, come over and join me on Instagram @themanifestationcollective.

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