How To Manifest Your Ideal Client

To celebrate the end of mercury retrograde, a double new moon and the start of a new month, I thought I’d put together a post on how to create an office space which will help you manifest your dream clients into your business.

This one is for the woo’s, the side hustler’s and the self-employed.

To be able to manifest and attract positive things into your life, you need to surround yourself with good, clear energy. That includes people, places and your own mental state.

The whole foundation of the law of attraction is ‘like attracts like’.

If you sit in your messy office, with a bulging inbox making you feel all sorts of anxious and a diary overlooked and double booked, it’s no wonder you’re putting out to the universe that you need to make it all stop.

How many times have you found yourself moaning about being too busy and then suddenly the emails stop coming in and the work dries up? You start to think about how you shouldn’t have spoken too soon about having too much work on. You wished you could take it back.

Did the universe listen to you complaining and give you what you asked for i.e. a break? I’m almost certain she did.

This is why I’m very careful to word how I speak about my business now. I will never vocalise in a negative manner about being too busy. Instead, I will talk about how grateful I am to have work and how I am learning to manage my time more effectively.

Anyway, I digress. Today I wanted to talk about how to manifest your ideal client and create an office space which is designed to increase your manifesting powers.

Getting Your Sh*t Together

I feel like I begin every manifestation post talking about clearing the clutter, but it really is the first secret to being able to attract more positive energy into your life, using that refreshed energy to take action to manifest your ideal client.

Start by emptying your desk completely, as in remove every single thing from it, dust the surface and the be ruthless about what goes back on there.

File away your receipts, paperwork and bills, buy some new office storage if you have to and put your desk back in a way that suits your style of working. For me, I like to have various notebooks out, a daily planner on my desk, a pen pot and some inspiring reads and visuals I can look to if inspiration is lacking.

Some people thrive with a busy desk (they call it creative clutter), but personally I feel like cluttered office, cluttered mind.

Next up, cleanse the desktop files on your computer. Put images into folders, back-up what you need to on an external hard-drive and recycle the rest. Go through every single folder on your computer. Emptying the recycling bin and seeing my storage allowance go back down is always a mildly satisfying feeling.

Finally, make sure paperwork, business reports, bills and tax returns are all up to date. I have an Excel spreadsheet which is organised into income, expenditures, income forecast and monthly business and personal outgoings. Basically, that spreadsheet is my entire financial situation and it keeps me on track to see how much money I’m bringing in, how much money I’m spending, what I can cut back on, and how many new clients I need to pitch to make sure I hit my monthly income forecast. These may sound like boring admin tasks that take up time and keep you from working in your business. But I’d argue that these are the tasks that set the scene, keep you informed of where you are vs. where you’re headed and close one tab in your brain so you can use that space to focus on attracting your ideal client.

Since doing this last March, it’s been amazing to see how my income has grown each month. Hell, since March of this year my income has grown by an extra £1000 each and every month, and I truly believe I have manifested this by setting financial goals, taking inspired action and watching the universe meet me halfway with opportunities and exciting projects.

Tip: To get fully organised in your business and manifest your ideal client, you might want to check out my blog post: How To Have a CEO Day.

Rid the Negative Energy

Now your office is slightly more organised, it’s time to sage. Sage is known for its benefits of ridding negative energy – hence being able to manifest your dream clients into your realm – so what I like to do on a Sunday is get a sage smudge stick, light it and cleanse the rooms in my flat, in particular my office and my bedroom where I spend the majority of my time. That is while I’m running backwards and forwards turning off the smoke alarm.

If that’s a little too woo for you, burn some sage incense with a window open and imagine all the negative energy that might have crept into your office over the last week or so – social media annoying you, getting turned down for work, invoices not being paid – escaping out of the window and leaving only clear, positive vibes.

Another way to rid negative energy in your workspace is to buy Himalayan salt lamps and tealight holders which reduce pollutants in the air. Do I believe they work? Who knows, but they sure do look pretty and I’m all for a placebo effect.

Invest in Crystals

Over the years I’ve built quite a crystal collection and have them dotted around my home. In my office I have a few particular crystals which I feel help me manifest greatness into my business, help balance me, rid of any energy blockages and just generally make me feel good.

  • Citrine is known for promoting motivation, enhancing the mind and encourages creativity. Many entrepreneurs swear by citrine, and I will often hold my crystal close to me when I’m manifesting a business opportunity. It’s never failed me thus far.
  • Aquamarine is the perfect crystal for (future) business owners, as it’s known to help with courage, especially when making tough decisions, strength and creativity.
  • Clear quartz is a favourite of mine as it helps to clear your thoughts and steers you to focus on your goals and ambitions. Perfect if you’re trying to manifest your dream clients.

If you’re a newbie to the crystal world, my suggestion would be to visit a crystal shop and see what you’re drawn to. I was drawn to aquamarine before I even knew the benefits. I researched when I got home and instantly felt connected to why I’d picked it up.

Can You Visualise Your Goals?

I’ve spoken about having an income plan for the year ahead already, but do you have somewhere in your office where you can visualise your goals when you’re looking up from your computer? One of the biggest things you can do to speed up trying to manifest your ideal client is to create a vision board which you look at regularly.

The science behind this is because when you are manifesting, the reticular activating system in your brain opens and allows you to filter out the rubbish and concentrate on what you want to achieve. This is why when you decide to buy a new car, you start to notice everyone else on the road with the same make and model. Those cars have always been on the road, but your brain is now allowing you to notice the thing you’re choosing to focus on.

On my office vision board I have logos of the brands I’d like to work with (the evening after I put Anthropologie on there I received an email asking to work together on an Instagram campaign), I have images of LA and the beach, which represents the freedom to travel while working, images of how I want to feel running my business – the main ones being free, light and fulfilled – and the amount of money I want to bring in each month.

At the start of July I wrote myself a cheque from the universe for £6,000 and over the last 31 days I have manifested opportunities totalling over that, which is absolutely mind-blowing. I feel incredibly proud of myself and thankful to the universe that 18 months into being self-employed, I’m having £6k months. Some of those opportunities are coming in September but the fact that they dropped into my inbox in July meant the universe had followed through with her promise to help me reach £6,000 worth of work in 31 days.

The Power Position

If you googled the Power Position it would come up with a whole heap of exercises to do in the gym, but I’m not about that life so today we’re talking about Feng Shui.

It is said that if you place your desk against the wall (which most of us do in smaller homes to save on space) this is known as the Poverty Position – as income and opportunities come through the door, you’re literally turning your back on them.

But by simply turning your desk around, you’re opening your mind to new possibilities as they come through the door and you don’t feel as ‘closed-in’ and as ‘trapped’ as you do when facing a wall. 

Another change I made for my energetic levels was to swap my stylish Insta-worthy chair to a practical office chair. When I bought my office furniture I have to be honest and say I went purely on looks. My mustard velvet chair was definitely my type on paper, but when it got down to the nitty gritty, my back and shoulders were aching every evening. So, I bit the bullet and bought a grey high-backed ergonomic office chair, read about the perfect seating positions at work and decided I liked my straight spine a little bit more than Likes on Instagram.

So there you have it, five ways you can increase the positive energy into your office to help you manifest your ideal client.

Is there anything here you’ll try out for yourself to help manifest your ideal client?

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