9 Podcasts That Blend Manifestation, Mindset & Motivation Together Perfectly

best manifestation podcasts

I’d say in the past year, listening to podcasts has been one of my favourite ways to switch off and relax. Especially now, as we’re spending so much time indoors, I like nothing better than switching off on a Friday afternoon, creating a comfy little spot by my balcony doors, and listening to what my go-to creators have to say.

I’m often asked about my top manifestation podcasts to listen to, so today I thought I’d share nine of my favourite shows that blend business and spirituality perfectly, in a bid to inspire you to discover a new channel or two. Starting with…


How could I open this post without sharing our very own podcast for The Manifestation Collective. Available on both iTunes and Spotify, this show really is about blending spirituality and strategy, helping you to put the action into the law of attraction and sharing how you can turn your vision board into a reality through the power of your thoughts. Be sure to tag me on social media with any takeaways and don’t forget to leave me a review and rating as it really helps the show grow.

Must-Listen: Every episode obviously

Earn Your Happy – Lori Harder

I discovered the Earn Your Happy podcast by accident, when it was recommended to me via the Style Your Mind podcast (mentioned below), and in true Victoria fashion, I was drawn in by the pink front cover graphics. Created by self-love specialist, Lori Harder, this podcast is kind of that tough love from a best friend you’ve been looking for. One of my favourite series within the podcast is when Lori invites husband, Chris Harder, on the show for He Said, She Said, dissecting a male perspective on a chosen topic.

Must-Listen: The Scientific Effects Of Generosity – He Said, She Said

Style Your Mind – Cara Alwill Leyba

I have a feeling you might already be familiar with the name Cara Alwill Leyba. As the author of Girl Code, The Champagne Diet, Like She Owns The Place, Girl on Fire and Style Your Mind, Cara is already renowned within the world of female entrepreneurship.  Her podcast, Style Your Mind, is recorded in the heart of New York and was created for success-driven women, who want to design their thoughts, empower themselves and build a beautiful life and career. I love Cara’s New York energy, and her episodes feel super natural and authentic, as opposed to reading from a pre-formulated script.

Must-Listen: Drop The Money Struggle With Self-Made Multimillionaire + Thought Leader Amanda Frances

Manifestation Babe – Kathryn Zinkena

Manifestation Babe was one of the first communities I discovered back when I first started to research deeper into manifestation. Founded by Kathrin Zenkina, the Manifestation Babe podcast is solo-focused show, listening to the teachings of coach and mentor, Kathrin. This podcast delves deep into the spiritual and the woo, even talking about Kathrin’s experience with hallucinogenic substance, Ayahuasca. I personally prefer earlier episodes when she become one my favourite manifestation podcasts, focusing on how she manifested her husband, staying high-vibe and being afraid of success.

Must-Listen: The Smoothest & Stress Free Launch I’ve Ever Had

She Means Business – Carrie Green

Established by Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and author of the book, She Means Business, I fell in love with this namesake podcast soon after finishing the last page of Carrie’s debut read. With over 80 episodes, each one focuses on a different area of business, while reaffirming the magic that can come from meeting the universe half way. If you’re looking for the tools and knowledge to take your business to the next level, this is an essential.

Must-Listen: Shifting Your Mindset To Achieve Your Business Goals  

MIMI – Mimi Bouchard

The MIMI podcast is a bi-weekly show hosted by the gorgeous Mimi Bouchard, a self-proclaimed health and fitness junkie. Originally from Canada, Mimi now resides in London and has built a business around helping women transform their lives from health through to wealth. Expect to hear stories on motivation and success, fitness and wellbeing, love and relationships, plus interviews with experts in their chosen fields. I really like how honest Mimi is with her own struggles throughout the podcast, especially her mindset – if you were to look at her flawless Instagram, I’m pretty sure your view of her would be completely different to if you were to listen to her challenges on this podcast.

Must-Listen: Spiritual Awakenings, The Law of Attraction and How To Get Anything Your Want In Life With Aaron Doughty

Fearless Hustle Collective – Anna Dunleavy

Anna Dunleavy is the founder of the successful female-led Facebook community, Fearless Hustle Collective, with its namesake podcast running alongside. Not only does Anna cover the honest and authentic side of running a business, she has a super approachable manner which feels like a much-needed dose of big sister energy (in the words of Lucy Sheridan). Offering a supportive and guiding hand through your business journey, whether you’re already becoming a successful business owner, or you’re thinking about taking the leap from a 9-5, this podcast is the dose of inspiration you need.

Must-Listen: Cultivating An Abundant Mindset

Manifest Daily – Dheandra Nicolette

Manifest Daily is a spiritual, lifestyle and manifestation podcast created by the gorgeous Dheandra Nicolette. I came across Manifest Daily a couple of months back after searching for new inspiration on Spotify. Sometimes you’ll listen to just one episode of a podcast and you’re instantly hooked – it’s fair to say in the weeks following I completely binged everything Dheandra had to say. In Manifest Daily, she shares how she reinvented her own life, her spiritual journey and how you can use the power of manifestation to transform your daily living. Although not one of the most well known manifestation podcasts right now, trust me when I say this show will blow up.

Must-Listen: Navigating Entrepreneurship With A Spiritual Lens With Madison Rude

So there you have it – 9 must-listen motivation, mindset, and manifestation podcasts that I find myself drawn to each and every week for a dose of manifestation, mindset and motivation.  I thought I’d also give a shout out to four other podcasts I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on over the years: The Creative Leap with Cat Byrne, Practical Positivity with Sophie Cliff, The Co-Working Club with Jess Berry, and finally, The Good Life with Elizabeth Dhokia.

Which are your favourite podcasts that cover manifestation, mindset and motivation? If you’ve enjoyed this post, I suspect you might like a recent post I did on how I manage to get out of a manifesting funk.

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