77 Magical Ways to Raise Your Vibrations in Winter

How to raise your vibrations in winter

While spring is undoubtedly my favourite season of the year, there’s something magical about the colder months. I think it’s the mixture of Christmas spirit, hibernating inside in the warmth, lighting a candle and watching feel-good films, that makes it feel so special.

I also find this time of year, as we head towards Christmas, is an incredibly important time of year to support local shops and independent businesses – it’s often the peak trading time for most. So if you can combine any of the 77 ideas below while also supporting a small business, that’s certain to multiply that good energy flow.

So, without further ado, let’s get into How To Raise Your Vibrations in Winter, with 77 ideas for mind, body and soul.

  1. Put all that technology in your phone to good use and capture some winter scenes on a crisp morning in the countryside
  2. Make your own mulled wine
  3. Bring all of your pillows, cushions and duvets and create a movie fort downstairs. And don’t forget the snacks. 
  4. Speaking of movies, create a playlist marathon of all your favourite Christmas films and mark them off one-by-one
  5. Spend the afternoon in your local bookshop, grab a coffee and pick out some new reads
  6. Create a vision board from all those piled up magazines I know you have
  7. Deep clean the kitchen, including the fridge and kitchen cupboards – you’ll feel amazing afterwards
  8. Take care of all of your indoor plants, re-potting with fresh soil if necessary
  9. Go through your wardrobe and create new looks with forgotten pieces
  10. Give yourself an oracle reading (my favourite cards are the Rebecca Campbell deck)
  11. Journal on the question…who I do I want to become by spring?
  12. Build a gingerbread house and decorate with icing and sweets
  13. Charge your crystals under the energy of the winter moon
  14. Grab a new notebook and write a spring bucket list, ready for when the seasons change
  15. Light your favourite candle and let the scent fill the room
  16. Wrap yourself up nice and warm and listen to a guided meditation (you can access one in my free resources library here)
  17. Bake banana loaf and spread a delicious, iced cinnamon butter on top (recipe here)
  18. Choose new artwork for your home as an accessible way to refresh your space for a new season
  19. Soak your feet in warm water with a sprinkle of Epsom salts for a deep detox and moment of calm
  20. Choose a brand-new nail polish (I’m think a deep red or forest green) and treat yourself to an at-home pedicure
  21. Sage your house, open the windows and doors, and release old stagnant energy
  22. Host Friends-mas and tell each guest to bring one thing they LOVE to eat (my friends would expect nothing less than chicken kyivs)
magical winter self-care ideas

23. Take a Winter midday walk around your local National Trust site or local park

24. Spend some time picking out a new perfume scent for this season (my current scent, which I’ve gotten so many compliments about is Irresistible by Givenchy)

25. Create a ta-da list, listing all of the things you’ve achieved since last Winter – big and small

26. Write down all of the things you’d like to manifest into your life over the next twelve months

27. And then write a letter to yourself to open a year from now on New Year’s Day

28. Perfect the perfect poached egg on sourdough bread with smashed avocado (my tip, use vinegar in the water and time the egg cooking for 4.30 minutes). Plate it up beautifully just for you and bring the bouji bruch vibes to your table.

29. Look for a new slow cooker recipe and create a hearty stew that melts in your mouth (and took little effort!)

30. Buy fairy lights and add anywhere in your house that needs a little sparkle

31. Donate your old towels and bedding to a local animal shelter but remember, pets are not just for Christmas if anyone pulls at your heart strings

32. Put a burning log fire video on the TV and imagine you’re hidden away in a log cabin for the weekend (this is my favourite)

33. Journal on the question…what is holding me back right now?

34. Use one weekend to binge watch your favourite boxset – I’m obsessed with The Office US right now, I want to find the Jim to my Pam

35. Turn on the Christmas songs and decorate the house

36. Buy a colouring-in book and lean into creative meditation

37. Have a social media detox and enjoy being mindful and present

38. Look at your skincare routine and decide whether you need richer products for the colder months

39. Take yourself for a glass of champagne and a spot of lunch at the fanciest place you can find in your city to celebrate the end of the year

40. Buy cashmere socks, your feet will thank you for it

41. Book to see a choir or the candlelight concerts that have become popular of late

42. Journal about everything you are grateful for right now

43. Build a Christmas Eve box with a new book, your favourite chocolate truffles, hand cream, a sheet mask, lip balm and your favourite scented candle. A gift to future you

44. Go on an ice-skating date whether your self-dating, newly dating, friendship dating or have been together for years

45. Stay in your cosy PJ’s for the whole day

46. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while for a catch-up

47. Create your own Christmas wreath

48. Slice oranges and bake to make your own table decorations. The house will smell amazing!

49. Have breakfast in bed and don’t worry about crumbs just for one day

50. Tell someone you love them

51. Write a card to a stranger and leave it somewhere to be found

52. Buy Winter themed cookie cutters and get baking


53. Use your favourite essential oils and relax by your diffuser

54. Do a job that you’ve been putting off for ages… and enjoy the shift in energy it brings

55. Write a list of your huge dream goals for your business

56. Share the love for your favourite Instagram accounts – someone might just fall in love with them like you did

57. Use a deep replenishing hair mask

58. Buy polymer clay and get crafty (this book will definitely give you some inspiration)

59. Practise your calligraphy skills (again, this book is a must read)

60. Create a winter-inspired playlist on Spotify

61. Go on a treasure hunt around your house and see how much money you can find (I did this recently and found £126 from currency, coins, refunds etc!)

62. Melt chocolate and use skewers to dip in marshmallows, strawberries and sliced banana

63. Have a winter bonfire

64. Invite your favourite people over for a board game night with plenty of chips, dips and laughs

65. Watch all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes of Friends

66. Decorate the front of your house for the festive season

67. Volunteer somewhere that needs a little extra help this time of year

68. Create your own signature cocktail and give it a bespoke Wintery name

69. Test your problem-solving skills and book a spooky Escape Room experience

70. Learn how to make your own jam

71. Go to the highest point you can and watch the Winter afternoon sun set

72. Book something to do after Christmas to brighten January a little and have something pre-paid for to look forward to

73. Try a brand-new make-up routine

74. Journal on the question…if there were no limitations or restrictions, how would I spend every day?

75. Go get a delicious hot chocolate with all of the trimmings in your favourite coffee shop

76. Walk around your dream neighbourhood and envision yourself living there

77. And when you get back to your house, send Christmas cards to all of your neighbours

So there you have it, 77 ways you can raise your vibrations in winter. Which of these winter self-care ideas are you going to try this season? Or is there anything that you think should be added to this list? As always, come and share with me on Instagram @themanifestationcollective.

If you’ve found yourself asking, how do you overcome a low vibration, or even how do I make my vibrations higher, then consider checking out this other post about 10 ways to raise your vibration today.

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