7 Mindset Shifts To Help In Uncertainty

Oh, hello the first official blog post on fancy new The Manifestation Collective website – this is exciting *insert nervous smile emoji.  If you’re a brand-new reader here, then welcome to your hub of all things manifestation, motivation and mindset.

And in the spirit of mindset, today I thought I’d sit down and pull together some essential mindset shifts to help with uncertainty, which might just help you if you’ve found yourself going through a little upheaval lately. You know, like living through a global pandemic or something.

Despite being someone who classes herself as an eternal optimist, even my outlook has been tested the last couple of weeks (the infamous March 2020, if you’re reading this in the future). There have been tears and tantrums, but there’s also been strength and an innate fight to come out the other side.

With that said, there are a few must-haves I have in my mindset toolbox that I’ve reached for over the last week or so, and today I wanted to share seven of those in a bid to help anyone who is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Editorial note: This post was written, as I said, in the infamous March 2020. We will always encounter periods of uncertainty in our personal lives, so I hope that these seven tools will always help you to find some calm and a few ways to steady yourself as and when they come. 

Embrace Your Feelings

Hands up who else has spent days flitting between crying to laughing hysterically to panicking to feeling angry? What we’re dealing with as a nation, and as a world, is a form of grief for the lives we used to have as well as uncertainty for the future. It’s natural to feel an intense range of emotions and there’s no shame in vocalising that. I run a business focused on creating a high-vibe life, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t cried in the bath because I can’t process what’s happening in the world. By leaning into those emotions now, we’re able to really appreciate when the good times arrive. And they will. Don’t let anyone dictate how you should be feeling (you know, those people who dismiss your worries without a second thought) and give yourself permission to ride through your range of emotions.

Tip: Try journaling as a form of therapy and use some time in the morning to get the thoughts in your head out on to paper.

Take a Break

Finding social media draining? Take a break and switch off your notifications for a couple of days. You can still catch the news every night and schedule content to go out automatically if you run an online business, but laying on the sofa scrolling through Facebook and Twitter will do nothing for the state of your mental wellbeing. Take it from me, you’ll feel so much better just for taking a step back. Mute certain words on Twitter and snooze people on Facebook who post triggering content. Not to sound too much like Trump but there’s so much fake news out there right now, our brain doesn’t understand what to process as fact or fiction.

Tip: Give yourself 24 hours off social media and ask a friend/family member to ring you if anything important changes.

Plan Ahead

There are two mindset shifts to help with uncertainty – first, focusing on the present and realising right here, right now, you are safe, and second, planning things to look forward to. The latter is something I’ve been doing lots of over the last couple of days. Because, however bleak things might look right now, this will pass. This season in your life won’t last forever, and when the clouds part and life feels balanced again, you will be able to fill your life with so much happiness and gratitude. For me, I like to plan travels. I’ve been reading through my old issues of Conde Nast Traveller and dreaming of the trips I want to take. I’m also reaching out to friends and making suggestions of things we can do together, parties we can have and speaking into reality our plans for the summer.

Tip: Spend some time today making a list of all the things you can’t wait to do when life gets back to normal. Research hotels, create a travel bucket list, plan a route for your road trip.

Appreciate The Small Things

One of the most important rituals I have right now is my nightly gratitude list. When life throws you a curve ball, it can be very easy to get swept up in the “why me” mindset. I get it. Trust me. But there are still so many small moments through your day that you can be thankful for. For example, some of mine have been the blue skies from my balcony, seeing the daffodils come to life, have space to finally finish my book, seeing so much love in my local community, video calls with friends and family, burning a Rhubarb & Ginger candle, being able to support small businesses, watching re-runs of Friends, there still being oat milk in the shops, and hearing the birds outside while the world is quiet for a second.

Tip: Take a notebook and pen each night before you go to sleep and think of three things that you’re thankful for that same day and you’ll see how quickly your mindset shifts.

Utilise the Time

When I’ve been chatting with my coaching clients, the one thing I’ve reiterated is that right now we’ve been gifted the element of time. And I plan on using that to my advantage. Take a look at your life/business right now and make a list of things you’ve been planning to do but never find time. For me, it’s working on the SEO of my website, giving my flat a deep spring clean (you know the sort of clean where you even wipe the skirting boards down too), and finishing my Reiki Masters qualification.

Tip: Choose one thing you’ve been putting off and make a plan of action about how to tackle it over the next couple of weeks.

Help Others

In a time of crisis, I understand now that I cope the best when helping others. It keeps my mind active and stops me from sinking into an anxious state. At this moment, like many others, my business has come to a standstill and that’s OK. I’m riding the wave and getting ready to swim instead of sink over the next couple of months. With that said, I recently offered free 20-minute mini coaching calls to anyone in my community to anyone that felt like they needed a boost or just someone to brainstorm ideas with. This gave me such a hit of energy because I was helping people in a way that only I knew how. I also offered my services to a local befriending service to ring elderly and vulnerable people who might be isolated right now and want to hear a friendly voice. It’s only something small, but the impact these chats can have mean so much more.

Tip: Look at ways you can offer help in your community, whether it a phone call or dropping off shopping, shouting about a local business or buying from a small independent.


One of the final mindset shifts to help with uncertainty is getting yourself back into some form of routine. OK, so you can’t go to the gym for a while, but you can still go for a run or complete a HITT workout in your front room. You can still have a morning routine, meditate and journal. You can still cook your meals at the same time you normally have them. Create a daily routine and stick to it. If you need a few days crashing on the sofa watching Netflix and eating crap, then embrace that. However, after that passes, make the decision to start the new week properly and get some form of routine into place again. It’s a new way of living right now but the quicker we adapt, the better we will start to feel.

Tip: Create a morning routine which grounds you and gets your mind in the best possible place to start the day. For me, this involves meditation, visualisation, journaling, affirmations, stretching and reading.

Is there anything from this list of mindset shifts to help with uncertainty that you want to try today? I’d love to know what things help you when you find yourself out of balance so leave me a comment below and share your number one tip.

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