How To Release & Set Intentions With This Full Moon Ritual For Beginners

full moon ritual for beginners

You might have noticed on social media that January 10th is the first Full Moon of 2020.  Hell, it’s the first Full Moon of the new decade. And while that obviously that has significance, today I wanted to share exactly why tonight is set to be one of the most powerful energies we’ve felt yet, and more importantly, how you can maximise tonight’s moon magic.

The Full Wolf Moon Luna Eclipse has an incredible release energy, especially for those who are embarking on a spiritual awakening.

It will enable us to communicate our truth, especially when it comes to what makes us feel the most content. So, even if you’re not a full moon head, understand this – the moon as it is tonight will allow you to release those things, places, people and situations that don’t support that feeling of contentment and move forward into the new year surrounded by things that make your heart full.

You might have woken up this morning feeling emotionally charged, with every thought or worry amplified.  I know I certainly did.  There’s that familiar feeling of anxiety and restlessness.  But trust in the knowledge that these emotions are coming to the surface for a reason, and that reason is to be released tonight under the Full Moon.

But all this moon talk is all well and good, but how exactly do you release these emotions, to then build a strong foundation going into the new year?  Here is my full moon ritual for beginners.

How to release emotions under the Full Moon

First of all, centre yourself by sitting in a clear and comfortable space – having piles of washing around you will hardly do anything to shun the negative energy.

Concentrate on your breathing with your eyes closed.  Light a candle if you want and place some relaxing music (I like to listen to The Honest Guys when I’m meditating like this).

Once you feel calm and relaxed, take a piece of paper (not your journal – you’ll see why later) and write down a list of things you want to release from your life.

What limited beliefs no longer serve you?  What ideas and worries go around in your brain that stop you from growing on a daily basis?  What is stopping you from loving yourself as much as you possibly can?  What is making you doubt yourself?  What internal beliefs do you have that you want to let go of?

Write in this manner: “I am releasing…” or “I am letting go of…”.

This list can be as short or as long as it needs.  For me, this Full Wolf Moon, I am releasing a number of things, mainly the narrative I have in my head that I’m not good enough to welcome love into my life.

Jesus, that was hard to write.  It feels incredibly vulnerable to write something like that on a public platform, especially when your job is to make others realise just how special and powerful they are.  But every human has limiting beliefs that are stopping them from flourishing, which is why I think rituals like this are so, so important.  Even if you’re not particularly spiritual.

The key is to purge all those draining and negative emotions that are making their way to the surface right now. Sometimes we brush things under the carpet, or move on so quickly with a brave face, that we never really allow ourselves to lean into how we’re feeling.  And with that comes energetic blocks, putting the brakes on your ability to manifest freely and easily.

Once you have the list (and remember, no one but you is going to read this, so be as honest as you can), sign and date it.  You’ve created a contract with the universe and with that, read every point out loud and say it with force.  Say it with power.  Tell the universe out loud what you’re letting go of and make sure she knows you mean business.

Take a deep breath and if possible, light the corner of the list and watch it burn.  If this isn’t possible, then tear into tiny shreds so it no longer makes sense. Once you’ve done this, wash your hands in water and feel the energetic release.

Setting new intentions for the year

As this is quite a heavy task, especially bringing up emotions that you might have buried, take some time to rest and be kind to yourself.  Take your journal and start to write how you feel.  Let the words flow.  It doesn’t even need to make sense.  Just write what your heart wants to put down on paper.

Once you feel ready, decide on setting new intentions for yourself under this powerful Full Wolf Moon, concentrating on what and who makes you feel the most content and secure.

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is incredible in terms of manifestation, especially around things you may have been working towards for the last six months since the last Full Moon in Cancer, so write down your intentions for the new year and know that the moon is nourishing these plans.

For example, following on from my release mentioned above, one of my intentions moving into 2020 is to concentrate on loving myself to then allow love to come into my life.  I will write down ways I can be kinder to myself and how to turn that negative energy on its head.

Yours might be to stop comparing yourself to other people and to stop looking at how others are growing and concentrate on watering your own seeds.

Or it might be that you want to get a better life balance now you’ve let go on your guilt for not constantly hustling like social media pushes us to think.

Once you have your intentions down on paper, even if it’s just one to focus on, sign and date again as you make a pact with the universe.  Put away your journal and go to bed.  Setting intentions just before sleep is incredibly powerful and get ready to wake up tomorrow feeling a little lighter and ready to take on 2020 – one of the most life-changing years of your life.

Will you carve out some time tonight for this Full Moon ritual for beginners?  If so, what are looking to release and what intention would you like to set for the new year?  I’d love to know in the comments below if you feel happy enough to share.

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