Why The 21st December Is Such A Powerful Day For Manifestation

Winter Solstice Manifestation

I’m almost certain by now you’ve heard about the 21st December 2020 – aka today – and how powerful it is going to be, with the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction alongside the Winter Solstice.  It feels like the internet, especially my echo chamber of an online space, has really embraced the possibilities which come with this limitless moment in time.

So why is it so special and what does it have to do with manifestation?  What is happening on the Winter Solstice that makes it such a powerful day for our thoughts?

I wanted to start by explaining that, if you feel like this post is broken down into layman’s terms, that’s because it is.  Even though at this point I’m well equipped to talk about manifestation, energy work and the power of the universe, when it comes to astrology, it’s fair to say I’m still firmly in the novice camp.

Obviously, I know I’m a Libra (and I always know which signs I’m compatible with in terms of love obviously – who didn’t do those quizzes in Sugar magazine as a teenager?) but ask me when my sun is rising or where my moon is, and you’ll received a puzzled response.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand just how powerful these moments are when it comes to modern manifestation.  Which is why today, I wanted to explain how powerful life is right now in the simplest of formats, hoping that it helps fellow astrology newbies who might feel a little overwhelmed with buzzwords and terminology.  

Jupiter and Saturn’s Great Conjunction

Happening around every 20 years, the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is where both planets can be viewed in the sky together at only 0.1 degree – so close it will be hard to see them as separate objects.  The last time the pair met was in the year 2000, however, today is the closest they’ve been since 1623 and aren’t expected to be seen again like this until 2080 – for most people this really is a once in a life-time experience.

While the world around us won’t look any different, there are said to be a number of new, higher-frequency energies available to us to help us begin our personal transformations.  While the Great Conjunctions of the past have brought forward energies of goal setting, great wealth, ambition, big businesses and material things, this period is welcoming something much more community-based.

As Jupiter and Saturn meet, it will kick start a time of working together to thrive, rather than focusing on one person’s growth.  It represents a time of community, of people coming together to succeed.  Of helping smaller, independent businesses flourish, embracing online more than ever before and to understand that everything, from humans, to animals, to mother nature, is connected at some level.

It seems incredibly poignant that this energy is coming into force as we end one of the toughest years many of us have ever faced, but it also feels like the change the world has craved for so long.  Where we start to work together instead of fighting against one another.

Winter Solstice

Not such an unusual moment of the year, but one just as powerful, today is also the Winter Solstice, which, with the longest night and shortest day, marks the onset of winter.  However, this also signifies an amazing time for personal development as we welcome the journey of the light coming back into our lives.  From tomorrow the days start to get longer once again, and with the rebirth of the sun, as some say, it is the time to embrace renewal, regeneration and self-reflection.  If you were looking for a time to focus on yourself, and your future, then this is it.

Why it is important to manifest today?

With both the Great Conjunction and Winter Solstice taking place today, the powers of the universe are at an all-time high.  It is the perfect day to release and welcome newness.  However, it might also feel a little uncomfortable if you are the kind of energy that resists change.  You may feel a little angsty.  Maybe slightly funky.  This is completely normal. But what I would say is, try to embrace thinking about what happiness can come from change, instead of fearing it.

If, like me, you have an excited nervousness around change, I want you to lean into this.  After all, we know by now, the universe has our back regardless.  Whatever change is coming, is coming to allow us to grow and step into our highest selves.

As mentioned above, the Winter Solstice is the perfect time to leave things behind, to release bad habits, to shine the light on things you want to highlight in your life and leave thoughts that are holding you back exactly where they are in the darkness.

However, this isn’t just any normal Solstice.  With the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happening on the same day, this creates the most epic space for you to get clarity on what you want to attract into your life.  You see, when it comes to manifestation, Jupiter has the power to kick start your manifestation quickly, while Saturn offers the stability and strong foundations for this manifestation to last.

What does this mean?  Do not play small when it comes to manifesting today.  I repeat, do not play small!

Choose something that feels out of reach, but that you can absolutely envision happening.  Maybe you want to be debt-free, or perhaps you want to meet your soul mate.  This isn’t about manifesting a free coffee people, this is about leaning into those big wishes of yours (maybe the ones you only whisper quietly to yourself) and setting the intention today.  Reach for those things that feel just out of reach and ask the universe to bring them forward.

How to manifest today

I want you to get crystal clear on the things that would change your life right now.  What is that one manifestation you add to your vision board but it feels like it’s a long way off?  What is something you’ve been asking the universe for, but it hasn’t manifested just yet?  What would you love to appear in your life?

First of all, I want you to get two sheets of paper.

On the first, I want you to write down what you would like to release.  The negative thoughts, the bad habits, the people, the situations etc.

For example, you could write:

On this powerful day under the Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction, I wish to release the negative thoughts I have about my body.  I wish release the bad habit I have of comparing myself to others.  I wish release the times I press the self-sabotage button when things are going well to retreat to my comfort zone.  I wish to release the need to please others over looking after myself.

Can you see how powerful that feels to acknowledge these emotions by writing them down?  It’s about you feeling in control of the thoughts you have.  Because that’s all they are.  Thoughts.  They’re not your reality.

I want you to then take this piece of paper outside under the Great Conjunction in the sky and burn it.  Burn it and release those negative feelings you have that are holding you back from moving forward into being the person you were born to be.  Side note: Please be careful when burning anything and be sure to throw water over the ashes once you have finished to make sure all flames have been put out.

Come back inside, wrap up warm and get your second piece of paper.  This is where we set the intentions of what we want to welcome into our lives.  Remember, we’re not playing small here so don’t be shy.  Think about what you really want from life.

When setting these intentions, write in the present tense.  For example:

On this powerful day under the Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction, I am welcoming £10,000 into my life to put down a deposit on a house.  I am welcoming love into my life with my soulmate appearing at the most unexpected time.  I am welcoming new life, with the universe delivering a baby.  I am welcoming a business which attracts £6,000 effortlessly each and every month.

Can you see how I am writing it as if it is already mine? This is because all of these things are already mine, they just haven’t arrived into my reality yet.

Sit and imagine how it feels for your manifestation to have arrived.  Imagine the love you’ll feel walking down the aisle.  Or imagine seeing £10,000 in your bank account and the excitement you’d feel.  Sit in this energy for two minutes.  I increase my energy at this moment by smiling.  It’s such a small change in your physiology, but an incredibly powerful one. 

Now, take this piece of paper and fold it towards you.  Do not fold it away from you, I always stipulate this, because you are signifying for those things to move away.  Fold towards you and bring them closer into your life.  Now, place this piece of paper under your bed sheet or inside your pillowcase and allow the universe to work her magic as you sleep.

You have now set your biggest intentions yet and have asked the universe to deliver when and how she knows best.  Make your way to bed and get ready to step into the most powerful version of yourself moving forward. Amazing things are coming your way.

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