5 Reasons Why Your Manifestation Isn’t Working

Why your manifestation isn't working

Why isn’t your manifestation working?! It’s the age-old question when spiritual newbies discover the law of attraction. You feel aligned, you set your intention, you and your girl, the universe, totally speak each other’s language. You’re vibin’.

And then nothing.

No manifestation.  Nothing.  Not even a little sign.

Yo, universe?  I thought we had a deal.  I “feel the feelings” and you deliver the good stuff, right?  So why isn’t the genie coming out of the lamp yet?  

And you’d be right in expecting that, in all honesty.  Sometimes manifestations can happen in the blink of an eye.  I’ve asked the universe for things before, matched my energy and low and behold, they’ve arrived.  We hear these stories about thousands of pounds landing in bank accounts overnight, or soulmates popping up a coffee shop the same week.

But what about the manifestations that take a little longer?  When do we hear about those?

I’ve attempted to attract things into my life and have been met with silence.  On a number of occasions.  And it stung at the time.  However, over the years of successful and “failed” wishes to the universe, I began to recognise shifts in energy and changes in how I was approaching the process.

The first thing people assume when their manifestation isn’t granted, is that they did something wrong.  That maybe they had too many negative thoughts.  They’re not manifesting hard enough.  The universe hasn’t heard them.  Maybe they’re not worthy of what they’ve asked for.

Honestly?  Unless you’re trying to manifest something to harm yourself or others, then those reasons aren’t why your manifestation isn’t working.  Here’s what I’ve discovered over the years…,

You Don’t Feel Truly Aligned

The key to manifesting, at the very core, is to match our energy to the things we want.  If we want to create a life filled with happiness and welcome abundance, the law states we must raise our own energetic frequency to tune in with other high vibrations.

To do this, we must imagine how we will feel when our manifestations are ours.  The love we’ll feel.  Or the freedom.  The happiness.  Or even the relief.

This is what people mean when they tell you to “feel the feelings” – ah, that old law of attraction chestnut.

But what happens if you’re not truly aligned with what you’re trying to manifest.  For example, if you’re trying to manifest a million pounds but can’t even imagine what £10,000 might feel like?  How can you match your energy if the alignment isn’t  there?

If you want to manifest money, start small and build your way up like I did.  Start with £10 and move up to £50. Move to £100 and then to £300.  In 2018 I asked the universe to help me manifest £1300 a month after I was made redundant.  And now I’m manifesting £7k+ months in the business that I launched (read how I made £100k in income here).  That didn’t happen overnight, because I had to build my alignment up.

And always make sure you’re manifesting for you, and not for what you think others want for you.  This rings especially true for manifesting about our bodies.  I’ve known clients to try and manifest stones lost, when in fact what they actually wanted to manifest was self-love and appreciation for the body they had.  It was societal pressure that was making them feel otherwise. 

You’re Holding On Too Tight

OK, so you’re fully aligned and you can really imagine how you’ll feel when your manifestation comes to fruition.  In fact, it’s ALL you ever think about.  Where is the universe with your delivery?!  Shouldn’t it be here by now, you’re manifesting so hard?!

This is what is called desperate energy.

Holding on this tight is signalling to the universe that there is a lack of trust.  Imagine ordering food in a restaurant and waiting impatiently outside the kitchen because you didn’t believe the chef was going to cook your food.  Or waiting outside your door because you didn’t believe MyHermes was going to deliver your Amazon parcel.  Wait, actually…

But in all seriousness, holding on so tight to your manifestation and obsessing about it will only stop the flow of energy.  Some experts tell you to set the intention and release.  Release to the universe and don’t think about it again.

Personally? I like to say hold on loosely.

Release the manifestation, of course.  Have trust and faith that it will appear when the time is right, but also look at how you can meet the universe half-way.  Maybe visualise your manifestation coming true once a week when you’re relaxed, lying in bed with your eyes closed.  Maybe script once a month.  Hang pictures on your vision board.

What I’m trying to say is don’t have the manifestation take over your every waking thought, nor should you forget about it and never think of it again.  It’s a fine balance and one that takes a little time to perfect, but you can absolutely shift your mindset with a little practice. 

why your manifestation isn't working
You’re Not Being Specific Enough

When we give a vague order to the universe, how can we be surprised when she doesn’t deliver?  So you want to be rich – but what is your definition of rich?  Finding £10 on the street could feel rich.  Winning the Euro Millions could feel rich.

You have to get a clear picture and get specific on the details.  Not only does it make it easier for your energies to align, but it also means signs and signals leading you to your manifestation are much more obvious because of the clarity you have.

For the coaching clients that come to me to manifest love, we start with getting super clear on the qualities they want in a partner by writing a cosmic shopping list.  Not necessarily a list of physical characteristic, but looking more to personal and spiritual qualities such as loyalty, sense of humour, being kind, wants to travel, wants to start a family etc.  The reason we don’t focus on physical aspects is because, if we become so focused on looking for someone with dark hair to enter our life, and then your soulmate has in fact a head with no hair, there’s potential you’ll miss him completely.

A cosmic shopping list could also be used when manifesting a house, listing the area you want to live in, how many bedrooms, the style of the house etc.  Let the universe know what’s in your head and set the intention on paper.  Be specific.

Right Manifestation, Wrong Time

It’s a cliché to say but sometimes our manifestation isn’t working because it’s simply not the right time in your life to receive it.

Divine timing plays a huge part in our life’s journey and there are times when you look back over the years and think, thank God I didn’t get that job, or thank God I moved when I did.  Because the universe had the timing planned along, we just couldn’t see it until hindsight. 

I live fully by the notion of divine timing now and have faith that the right thing will come at the right time, when my energy is at the place it needs to be.

There were years, especially as I entered my 30s, when I wondered if love would ever arrive.  This was before I really moved into a spiritual path.  I thought my journey should have been like the majority of friends who had settled down and had children.

But as I started to embrace a new way of thinking, it settled my heart to know the universe had a different plan. A better plan to suit my life, to allow me to experience all the amazing things I have ahead of my 36th birthday in two months.  New love will come when the time is right.

Once you understand divine timing is always playing a part, it makes life a whole lot easier to embrace, trust me.

Something Better Is Coming

One of the most frequent DM’s I’ll receive on social media is about people trying to manifest their dream house and it seemingly falling through.

They go view it, they fall in love, it’s EVERYTHING they’ve been manifesting – and they get gazumped.

But you know what else comes after that initial message to me?  A follow up telling me that that WASN’T their dream house, they’ve actually found something even better and the offer has been accepted.  Something better was always in the background waiting to shine.

When a thing, person or opportunity similar to our manifestation appears, we can often be tricked into thinking, yes this is it!  It worked!  Then when it doesn’t work out how we imagined, we feel angry and resentful at the universe.

But this is simply a transition period.  She’s warming you up, making you realise what you don’t want, rather than what you do.  You’re going through a transformation period that’s leading you to abundance.  Something better is coming.

Life might not always go the way you thought, it’s often a series of twists and turns, but that’s what makes it all the more sweet when our energies finally align with our manifestation and it comes into fruition.

When our glasses are steamed up from all the disappointment of our manifestation not arriving, it’s hard to be able to see that it was actually working out all along.  Something better is coming, I promise.  Wipe your glasses and get ready to see the signs.

If you felt any of these in your heart, please know you’re not alone in wondering why your manifestation isn’t working.  I hope at least this post has put your mind at rest.  If you ever want to chat all things manifestation, please feel free to chat to me on hello@themanifestationcollective.co and more importantly, don’t forget to join me over on Instagram @themanifestationcollective.

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The Comments

  • Ami
    September 4, 2020

    Hi I just wondered if you could please help me? The thing I want to try and manifest at the moment is a female best friend (not in a romantic way) I don’t know who she is so how should I go about asking the universe?

    • themanifestationcollective
      > Ami
      September 7, 2020

      Hey Ami! I have sent you an email my love so please check your junk folder x

      • karthi
        > themanifestationcollective
        April 19, 2022

        i had fight with my lover for three months and at last she said everything will be over and lets end up, but i changed everything (character,lifestyle,etc,…) and still there is no response….. & and i dont know how long it takes to fix a relationship. Is there is any solution for me…!

  • Jackie
    November 15, 2020

    If it’s not the right time what if the manifestation is somewhat to harm myself? I feel as though I’d deserve it and want to feel even with the universe. I also really want it soon rather than later in life because I don’t think I’ll be able to live a full life.
    It’s nothing too bad, just enough to make me feel like I’m even

  • cherry
    December 7, 2020

    hi im in a long distance relationship and he said we can be together only if his family accepts. we were talking since 4 months and i started manifesting to marry him since a month. recently he texted me saying lets take a break and if his family accepts me he will come back. i was os broken but didn’t lose hope and kept manifesting for his text that say our family accepted for our marriage.
    recently i started seeing signs like 111, birds every morning. so i do manifest everyday should i continue or just leave the rest to the universe

    • Ruthie
      > cherry
      December 26, 2020

      Cherry I’m ruthie I’m totally kind of in the same situation as you now I see signs and I’m like okay is it just not the right time etc I also made a vision board and I manifest every day I was thinking maybe I should just accept how things are right now and maybe if I just let it be it will come to me . If anything changes I’ll post it or write back . Just so you can see what worked for me maybe I can be of some help . I do 10 things I’m greatful for every day and write it as if it’s happen already but idk either what’s going on .

      • Annabeijh
        > Ruthie
        April 4, 2021

        Has anything changed for you yet?

  • Ines
    December 9, 2020

    What if you have let it go loosely as you mentioned, are completely alligned, and know for a fact that this is the best thing for you? I have been apart from my other half since January and have been manifesting to be able to reunite with him for so long… I have been seeing and experiencing some of the things that signal that your manifestation is close (seeing repeated numbers all the time 11:11, 15:15, 23:23… , getting chills when manifesting and I’ve been feeling that I am so close to getting it for so long) what am I doing wrong? Why isn’t the universe giving it to me?

  • April
    February 28, 2021

    Hi. I stumbled upon this blog because my recent manifestation fell through. Previously I tried to convince myself that something better is coming, it wasn’t the right thing for me and that divine timing is at play. Hearing myself say these things did not convince me enough because I still felt as though I failed at something that was really important. Now reading it explained so clearly in this blog I feel better, I don’t feel like a failure I feel justified. I held on too tightly because I didn’t trust the universe and I look at what I wanted, it hardly seems like a career that I with my personality would’ve been able to withstand in the long run. It’s comforting to know that the Universe know what is good for even when I do.

  • August
    August 5, 2021

    I’m trying to manifest a car that I’ve always really fancied. It’s not a supercar or whatnot but it is completely out of my budget so the only thing I can do is sincerely manifest and pray for it. Hopefully I’ll attract this miracle soon!

    • Loreen sarah Augustine
      > August
      February 1, 2022

      me too. I pray you receive your manifestation.

  • jannat
    April 22, 2022

    hey so I’ve liked this guy for four years even confessed once but he didn’t like me back then although he was showing a lot of signs back in march and i thought he was falling for me cuz we even went out once. Anyway, It all started falling apart all of a sudden …He even started to talk to other girls he never did, and it really makes me envious tbh. I’ve been tryna manifest from like a month now, I’ve been using the pillow technique for about 26 days now and using the law of assumption, attraction and visualising but nothing is happening and it just makes me envious whenever i see him with someone else and my life not working out. Please tell me how can i manifest him into my life

  • kim
    May 6, 2022

    What do you do when the dream job you have manifested really happens and you turn it down because someone tells you it’s not going to last. Does that fall under the I am completely stupid or it wasn’t the right time and something better will come along?