How To Manifest Success In Business

Manifest success in business

Over the last year, there has been a real boom in small businesses and solopreneurs taking to the stage, which is absolutely amazing.  As a small business owner and a coach to many women in the infancy stage of their own businesses, I’ve loved seeing the sheer creativeness and drive that the last twelve months has brought out in people.

The pandemic really shone a spotlight on shopping locally and recognising independents that we might have not spotted before, while furlough and the unfortunate loss of jobs meant many people found themselves monetising a hobby or talent – ultimately discovering a passion for something they truly love.  Who doesn’t want more of that in the world?!

So, with that said, today I wanted to lean into my skills as a business owner and really share how I use the law of attraction on a daily basis to manifest success in business.


A non-negotiable in my morning routine to manifest success in business is to visualise how I want my month to go.  I close my eyes whilst listening to relaxing music and I create a movie in my mind of opening emails from people that want to work with me, having a sold-out workshop, Paypal notifications on my phone and new people signing up to my email list everyday. I picture different things each day, but the one consistent is the high frequency I feel as I manifest these things into existence.  Oh, and I always smile even if I have to force that frown upside down to begin with.

Let the universe know your plan

One of the most important things you can do when using the law of attraction to manifest success in business is create a work-centric vision board, with goals and dreams of how you’d like to business to look three years from now, alongside 3-5 goals you’d like to achieve within the next year. This gives you a visual anchor to come back to and lets the universe know what’s in your mind.

On my 2021 work vision board, for example, I noted that I’d like over 1000 women in my Facebook group (I achieved that in January, thank you universe!), that I’d love to host a top podcast and that I’d like to create passive revenue streams that bring in over £2000 a month automatically.

A good tip that I shared on Instagram lately is to download the Photobox app on your phone and upload your images from Pinterest. For a small amount plus delivery, you can have up to 50 pictures printed out for your physical vision board if you don’t have a printer at home.  I know I’m not the only one missing a work printer since I left and started my own business.

Finally, place your vision board in your office space where you can see it daily and sit in the energy of how those photos make you feel now and will feel when they come to fruition.  Because, let me tell you, they’re happening.

Set a stretch income goal

What’s a stretch income goal you ask? A stretch income goal is something that feels slightly out of reach but not so far away that you couldn’t ever imagine it happening.  For example, my stretch income goal is £8,000 a month.  It feels like a stretch, but not so unattainable I can’t imagine it happening.

So, what happens to the energy behind a stretch income goal?  It can help you to earn more than your basic income goal (what you need to live each month) because you’ve opened your mind up to other opportunities coming your way.  Your energy is aligned to something higher, which is what ultimately the universe aims to deliver for you.

You may also receive downloads of different ways you could attract income and start to realise that there is even more money out there for you to attract than you originally thought.

And if you don’t hit your stretch goal?  You’ll be a lot closer to it than if you didn’t try, I can speak of that from experience.  I hit my stretch income goal of £8,000 once in 2020, but having this goal to work towards has taken me from £1300 a month in 2018 to £2500 to £3000 to now having consistent months of £4000-£5000 – and growing. As the saying goes: aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. 

The key to manifesting success in business is to get specific with the amount you’d like to attract.  How does the universe know what to deliver if you just hope for the best each month?  In my money manifesting course, Abundance Academy, I talk about the importance of setting an income goal and the feedback in the Facebook group from the women that have done this has been incredible.

Print out this blank cheque from the universe and decide what you would like to bring into the business in March, place it somewhere you can see everyday and sit in the energy of how you’ll feel when it happens and the activating and inspired energy of working towards that number.

Money can come from the most unexpected of places. Only the other day, I had a new coaching client contact me after finding a screenshot of my website design on Pinterest.  That was the route in which she was delivered to me and now we’re working together for the next 4 months.

Other ways money could come into your business might include refunds from work-related subscriptions or products,  a client suddenly wanting more work from you, or someone new arriving to bring more income opportunities.

As I always say with manifestation, if you’re putting the action into the law of attraction in small ways daily, the universe will manage the how and deliver what you need.

Attract your soulmate client or customer

Getting clear and specific on the women I’d love to work with as a coach and who my soulmate client is, has helped me manifest success in business at a dramatic rate.  There really is sense in the advice of trying to reach everyone and ultimate reaching no-one.

Get clear on who your soulmate client is, write out her list of characteristics like you would a soulmate love and let the universe know what you would love for her to deliver.

One thing that is often forgotten about on people’s soulmate client cosmic order list is “they are happy and excited to pay me”.

You know the feeling when you attract the most amazing person to your business but they’re not ready to invest just yet?  These people are what I like to call soulmates-in-waiting.  They’re sent to you for a reason, and your job now is to nurture them until they’re ready to take the next financial step.

Understand NO means ‘Next Opportunity’

Having trust and faith in the universe is incredibly powerful in all aspects of your life, but particularly in business when you’re presented with the words “no”.

It can feel so disheartening as a new business owner to have rejection emails, clients choosing not to move forward with you, or people clicking off your website with things sitting in their baskets and no purchase made, but understand this – “no” only means Next Opportunity.

As with all things in life, the universe is working for you, not against you, so trust that if someone chooses not to work with you, it’s because someone better is coming along.  If a deal falls through, trust that it could have potentially caused you more stress than happiness.

If you find yourself struggling to detach from the outcome, sit down and write down one silver lining linked to why this potential opportunity hasn’t worked out.  The law of opposites state that there cannot be one, without the other so while it may be a no, allow yourself to see why this could be the best kind of no.

I hope these tips on how to manifest success in business have been useful. And if you’re a a small business owner, a creative, a side hustler, or a woman with a big plan and would like some more support on your success journey, consider joining The Collective Membership for spiritually aligned community or looking into coaching with me.  

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