The Most Powerful Way To Manifest During 11.11

The 11th of November, aka the 11th day of the 11th month in the calendar year, signals a powerful marking for those that embrace manifestation.

Said to be the most powerful day to lean into the magic of the universe, an energetic 11.11 portal opens and is available for us to attract our desires forward from one reality into another.

Think of it as a Gateway to your dreams if you like.

1111 Manifestation Meaning

The number 11 holds real significance in the spiritual world of manifestation and is the number of good fortune. In short, if you’re going to focus on switching from a lack mindset to an abundant one, then there’s no better day than today.

This date is especially powerful when linked to the angel number sequence of 11.11 – meaning transformation is on its way and protection is being offered as you call in a new version of your current self.

Please tell me I’m not the only one to spot 11.11 on a regular basis? I like to believe it’s the universe guiding me on down the most abundant path possible and pulling me back when my mindset drifts.

One of the most potent ways you can align your energy when you see 1111, is by acting as if your desires are already yours, even just for a few moments.

You may be familiar with the term “acting as if” within the world of manifestation, but what this means in the simplest of terms is to live your life as if you’re already at the income level you’d like, as if you’ve already attracted the love you crave, as if you’re already living in your dream home.

The truth is though, that acting as if can also prove challenging if you’re unsure of where to start. After all, how can you act as if you’ve met your soulmate if the bed is cold on the other side?

Which is exactly why I thought today would be the perfect day to share a few of my favourite tips and tricks to help you manifest during 11.11, by acting as if your dream has already come to fruition.

The most important thing to remember when acting as if to align your energy, is to focus on the feelings and thoughts you imagine having WHEN your manifestations come to reality.

How would you feel? What thoughts would you have? What decisions would you make? Self-awareness is key here so continue to reel in your focus if you find yourself leaning in the direction of lack – even if it is just for today or for the single minute of 11.11 today. To envision and act in this way can be challenging, so start small and build up if you need to. What if you set an alarm to go off at 11.11 each day after today as a reminder to think and act as if? I think you’d be surprised how soon acting as if was no longer acting. 

Spend the rest of 11.11 leaning into these powerful energy shifts and, of course, if you are reading this after the 11th of November, be safe in the knowledge that these ideas work just as well – we’re just amplifying our manifesting abilities while the portal is open for us. 

Acting As If You’ve Manifested…Money
  • Clear out your purse and handbag and make room for that new flow of abundance
  • Create a new savings account for it to sit in comfortably gaining interest
  • Create a budget spreadsheet with everything outlined that you’ll be spending your new found flow of abundance on
  • Price up your dream car or dream house in preparation
  • Plan exactly how you will tell people that you have received a large lump sum of money – pre-write the text to your best friend to say your winning lottery numbers were called
Acting As If You’ve Manifested…Love
  • Write a text to your number “from your soulmate” to open in the morning, reading the exact words you want your soulmate to say
  • Create space in your closet, drawer or bedside table to welcome someone else into your home
  • Take yourself on a solo date, focusing on self-love and treating yourself the way you want your soulmate to treat you
  • Buy a second toothbrush for the bathroom
  • Look for your dream wedding venue online or even begin a Pinterest board of ideas
Acting As If You’ve Manifested…Your Dream Home
  • Grab for a coffee in a new neighbourhood you would love to live in and walk around, getting a feel for your soon-to-be-home
  • Put the action into the law of attraction by registering your details at local estate agents
  • Start planning your Pinterest boards for décor inspiration in each room of the house
  • Get quotes for removal firms so they’re all ready
  • And following on from that, why not declutter your current home in preparation for the move
Acting As If You’ve Manifested…Your Dream Business
  • Create processes ready for when soulmate clients sign up and do a test run to make sure everything is as smooth as possible
  • Change your Instagram bio to “Book coming soon” or along those lines. Speak it into existence
  • Create a spreadsheet to outline your ideal income and expenses for the business
  • Journal as if your dream day in business has just happened – what would you write in your diary?
  • What is your dream morning routine now you have a successful business? Live that for the day
Acting As If You’ve Manifested…Better Health
  • Research and plan trips, events etc that you are going to do now your health is back to its best
  • How would that healthy version of you spend an evening? Visualise that and do one small thing that feels aligned
  • What would the healthiest version of you wear? Start to create that wardrobe by shopping online and adding things to your basket
  • What kind of breakfast would the healthiest you eat?
  • What could you focus on if your health concerns weren’t overtaking your thoughts for just one day?
Acting As If You’ve Manifested…Travel
  • Hop onto Skyscanner and see what flight prices are like at the time of year you’d love to travel – and while you’re there, check the weather temperature for that same month
  • Surf the internet for dream airbnb’s and hotels to stay in, bookmarking your favourite
  • Make a list of your top 10 wanderlust destinations and research the most Instagrammable spots under the location hashtag
  • Check your passport is up to date and if so, buy a fancy new passport wallet ready for the airport
  • Plan your capsule travel wardrobe and make a note of what you need to add to it

Has this post on the 1111 manifestation meaning helped? Perhaps these suggestions have sparked other ideas of ways you can align your energy to that of what you’re manifesting. I’d love to know if any of these resonated with you. Leave me a comment below or come over to Instagram @themanifestationcollective to let me know exactly what you desire during your 1111 manifestation ritual. 

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