7 Manifestation Journal Prompts To Ask Yourself this Week

Manifestation Journal Prompts

The week for me often starts on Sunday, easing into the next seven days with a gentle reset. From cleaning the house, to organising my schedule for work and planning my meals. I also use that time to recentre myself mentally, including asking myself my usual weekly manifestation journal prompts. 

While the latter task sounds like a very…LA…thing to do, what I mean by recentre myself mentally, takes the form of asking myself the same seven questions each week and journaling on what comes up.

I’ve created quite the ritual when it comes to my weekly manifestation journal prompts now on a Sunday and it’s become a habit that I notice is missing when life proves too busy for me to grab my pen and notebook.

Think cleansing the space with palo santo, lighting a candle (here’s my favourite candle to journal alongside), and carving out time away from any technology to really allow myself to answer uninterrupted. I also journal in silence. It’s the time when I really notice just how much “background noise” I have around me at other times and how distracting it can actually be. 

The aim of this journaling session is to really give yourself time to acknowledge and notice what feelings are present, how you are moving into the new week and where your energy flow is currently. No longer will you be asking, what should I write in my weekly journal or what are some good journal prompts. 

You can take the very same seven questions I ask myself to create a journaling ritual that centres, quietens, grounds and listens. 

What were my wins this past week? What small and larger moments am I celebrating?

I like to begin my Sunday journaling session by focusing on the abundance of the last seven days, celebrating myself and all of those little moments that I want to cement in my subconscious. For example, it could be a great meal I cooked, or how I helped a friend, or that I rode my bike for a mile longer than I planned. It might not come easy for you to recognise your wins, but the more you do this, the more open you’ll be to spotting wins that previously you wouldn’t have even noticed.

Where did I struggle this week? Why?

This question is really designed for you to acknowledge if you’re in a challenging season, areas of life that might need more support or attention or whether your mental health needs to be nurtured right now. Often we can become so busy in the daily grind that things are swept under the carpet or dismissed, but by allowing yourself this space to not only ask where you struggled, but more importantly, why, you are truly honouring your personal growth..

Who am I offering forgiveness to this week?

Sometimes we have those weeks where we hold resentment and anger for another person…or more often that not, ourselves. Release this energy as you move into a fresh week by offering forgiveness to whomever may need it. You can do this by moving into an energy of empathy and understanding – not always the easiest mindset to access but, empathy certainly feels less dense than resentment. Allow yourself to feel, and then allow yourself to release.

How do I want to feel this time next week? In what ways can I access this feeling? What daily routines, habits or changes do I need to implement?

Rather than just considering what intentions I want to set for the week ahead, I focus on working towards an overall feeling and then the actions I can align with that feeling. Perhaps you want to feel more creative – what can you change or add to your daily routine to access more creativity? Maybe you want to end the week feeling organised and back on top of life again? What can you do to make sure you are working towards this level of organisation? The word towards feels generous and grace-filled too, as we may not nail it in a week or every week, but the action and awareness moves us closer. 

How can I welcome more balance and peace into my life over the next seven days?

This question will more often than not bring up the topic of boundaries. Where are you doing too much? Where can you carve out more time for you? What are your biggest stressors right now and how can you manage that stress? Think about where you are leaking energy and how you can plug those leaks moving into the new week. 

How can I access more moments of magic this week?

Seeking moments of magic have become an integral part of my daily routine now, and not a day passes where I don’t create some form of ritual around the “everyday” or do something that feels a little bit more magical and elevated than the norm. Whether that be gently tending to my plants in my garden, or taking a little longer with my skincare routine to really massage my products in, ask yourself how you can access more moments of magic in your own life right now.

What is one thing I can do this week that future me will love me for?

This is a beautiful question to end on as you make a pact with future you to do one thing this coming week that they’ll be forever thankful for. Maybe it’s being outside with nature. Maybe it’s finally booking into the doctor. It could be reading something inspiring that changes the way you think. Maybe it’s doing something in your job or business that future you would be proud of. It can be the smallest of things but be sure to lean into the energy of self-love for both current you and the version of you, you’ve yet to access.

Be sure to tag me on Instagram during your manifestation journaling ritual as I’d love to see where you open that notebook of yours and what comes up for you. Take a deep breath and have an amazing day ahead my loves.

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