7 Inspiring Ways To Journal This New Year

New Year Journal Prompts

As I sit here on the eve of our current year, I wanted to kick start my goal of creating more content for the blog, by sharing 7 New Year journal prompts to inspire you for the year ahead. 

Perfect to spend a little time on during this weekend or over the full month, these prompts are designed to help you embrace that potent manifesting energy we’re all experiencing right now as we enter the next 12 months.

Whether you’re a journalling pro, or you’ve set the intention to strengthen your connection to the universe through the written word, now is the time to grab a notebook and pen, find somewhere cosy to hide away from the world, and begin thinking about to those big, expansive dreams of yours.

The 100 List

The 100 List is one of my favourite New Year journal prompts to get your manifesting juices flowing as you think of 100 things you’d like to be, do and have.

For some people, this may come easily, but for others, even of thinking of 10 things you’d like to be, do or have, can feel like a challenge.

For example, on my 100 List, I have:

Have a Dyson Hair Wrap
Visit Charleston, South Carolina
Buy a Prada Celestial Hang Bag
Be In Stylist Magazine

The hardest part will hit around the half way mark, but the key is to keep your list going as you enter the New Year and then start to see what magic the universe creates alongside these written intentions. You could aim to add ten to the list over a period of ten days as this will give more thinking time between the chunks of time to consider and mull.

Previous Year Celebrations

Move into the New Year with the energy of celebration, as you focus on all of the amazing things that have happened during the last 12 months.

With so much time to think back on, you might feel like the blank page is doing nothing but staring back at you solemnly, but dig deep – you had some perfect moments that have been hidden by the thought of considering the whole year in one go.

The key is to ask yourself after you’ve written something, “and what else?”. The job of the mind is to seek the answer to the question we pose, so by asking “what else?”, it will uncover memories your conscious had forgotten about.

Some of my celebrations include seeing Santorini for the first time and taking some epic pictures, having my best year in business, launching my podcast and spending real, quality time with friends and family.

Letter To Your Future Self

Another one of my favourite New Year journal prompts is writing a letter to my future self.

When writing a letter to your future self, share all of the things you dream of achieving over the next 12 months, including all of the hopes and goals you have.

Tell that version of you how you want to feel when you open the letter to read on January 1st the following year.

And once you’ve penned all of those magic-filled manifestations, be sure to fold your letter inwards to seal that universal power.

Now hold it in your hands as you visualise your manifestations coming true, place it under your pillow for just one night for those dreams to align and then set a reminder on your phone to open the letter a year from now while you keep it somewhere safe.

The most amazing part of this manifesting practice is reading your letter the following year and seeing just how much has come true, if not exactly, then even better than you could have hoped. It’s such a beautiful moment to realise and add evidence to the power of manifestation and giving things time.

New Year Diary Entry

Following on from writing a letter to your future self, another of my favourite journal prompts for New Year is to write a diary entry as if you were already living that dream life you have on your vision board. This is also known as a scripting practice.

Imagine your manifestations have come to fruition. You’ve met your soulmate, you’ve got that dream job or business, you’re living exactly where you want to be. Write a Dear Diary moment as if you’ve had the most amazing day and you wanted to keep that memory scripted forever.

The power of writing in the present tense is that it allows you to access that magnetic energy we need when attracting our manifestations to us, just by reading our diary entry back repeatedly and leaning into those excited and joyous emotions. 

22 Reasons To Be Grateful For 2022 (or whatever year you may be in)

Just like we focused on the energy of celebration earlier, when we’re in the energy of gratitude, the universe continues to give us people, places, opportunities and parts of life to be truly grateful for.

Can you think of just 21 things you can be thankful for from the last year? Or 6 from the last 6 months of the year? Maybe someone helped you when you really needed it, maybe your favourite boxset came on Netflix and it filled your evenings, perhaps you finally sought therapy or maybe you read a really good book. Perhaps you discovered a really good pizza takeout! Whatever it is, if it mattered to and marked you, note it down.

What I’m Leaving Behind

This list is really about being self-aware enough to realise what you no longer want to take into a fresh new year with you.

This could include holding onto resentment for someone or something, it could be the need for closure, it could be chasing someone that doesn’t want to be caught, it could be limiting beliefs that have held you back when you’re tired of playing small.

Although this can feel like an emotional task (maybe leave this one for another day if you’re already on a bit of a vulnerability hangover from some of the other prompts), you’ll notice a real clearance of energy when you write down everything you want to release, leave behind and forgive.

Once you have this list, take it outside somewhere safe and set it alight. Watch the smoke as it rises up into the sky and release whatever hold those words had over you.

As it smoulders, feel your body become lighter and trust the process of choosing to let go.

Beauty In The Ordinary

Last year, I really lent into the trend of main character energy. Not for performance reasons, not to create a Reel that might go viral, but because I really wanted to start turning ordinary moments into occasions.

I love spending time alone, and 2021 was the year I started to date myself. Not just average dates, but secret afternoon cinema trips, jumping on a plane to Greece, checking myself into the First-Class Lounge, buying myself flowers, and taking myself out to my favourite restaurants. I spent money on books and I read them in the park during the summer months.

And this kind of self-love energy is only set to be amplified as we move into 2022.

So what does this have to do with journalling? Well, why not start a list of all the different ways you can become the main character in your life.

Where would you like to visit? Perhaps you want to go on a road trip? How would you spend your ideal evening? Maybe you want to watch the sunrise or sunset? Is there a candle you’d love to try out?

The key to your Beauty in the Ordinary list, is to look at your life right now and see how you can add a little magic into your daily routine. And as a bonus task: set one of them in motion now. Book the thing so you have it to look forward to. If you have time, go and execute one of them now. Start as you mean to go on!

As we draw this post on New Year journal prompts to a close, I wanted to wish each and every reader an amazing New Year, no matter which year you read this. I am incredibly excited for what is to come for The Manifestation Collective over the coming 12 months – I am setting the intention that 2024 is going to be the most epic year yet. My wish is the same for you.

Don’t forget to come and join me over on Instagram and listen to the Podcast here. P.S: If you enjoyed this post, then this post on rehearsing for success might be the perfect next read.

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