44 Suggestions For A Soulful Weekend

how to have a soulful weekend

In today’s post I wanted to bring together 44 suggestions of how to have a soulful weekend, especially if you have found yourself struggling to keep those vibrations high of late.

At the heart of a soulful weekend is you restoring your energy and feeling balanced again, so each of these tasks are about connection and in some cases, disconnecting, from the world.

1. Go for a walk somewhere completely new. Or, take a turn you don’t usually. Get lost for a little while.

2. Delete all social media apps from your phone and reinstall Monday. And yes, I mean your emails too.

3. Cleanse your crystals. This is a great post to refer to if you’re a crystal newbie.

4. Plant an indoor or outdoor herb garden and embrace homegrown produce. 

5. Have a fire in the back garden and toast marshmallows under the stars.

6. Go through old magazines and cut out anything that stirs a positive emotion.

7. Dance to a high vibe playlist. This might be the perfect place to start.

8. Plan a luxury 3-course dinner and get dressed up for the occasion. How long ago was it since you really dressed up and felt amazing? Make it a date. 

9. Have a detox bath with pink Himalayan salt.

10. Light your favourite candle. My current must-burn is First Light from Swoon Worthy Scents.

11. Have a movie marathon of comedies and old classics. You can’t beat Clueless or Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. If you’re looking for something a little alternative, I have a list of 9 Spiritual and Self-Development shows to watch on Netflix which might scratch that itch.

12. Ring a friend guaranteed to make you belly laugh.

13. Go through your pictures on Facebook and use an online tool to have your favourites printed out and delivered to your door.

14. Exfoliate your whole body and spend a little time moisturising afterwards. 

15. Create a digital vision board as a screensaver on your phone. Follow this tutorial here.

16. Bake your favourite cake. How about a coffee cake or lemon drizzle? 

17. Curl up on the sofa and read a book. I know you’ve got more than one half finished.

18. Sit and focus on your breath for 5 minutes.

19. Write 20 things you’re grateful for right now and notice how your energy shifts.

20. Create a mediation corner with floor cushions, candles and crystals.

21. Sage each corner of your house.

22. Give yourself permission to lie in a little longer than usual. 

23. Get creative with your journal – this is a great example from Michelle Chai.

24. Stand outside barefoot in the grass to ground yourself.

25. Do a Chakra cleansing meditation to rebalance your energy flow.

26. Have a full energy reset with The Ultimate Reset Tool Kit.

27. Plan your next big holiday and research all the amazing places to eat at, visit and take beautiful pictures.

28. Create your own signature drink to Netflix and chill with.

29. Write a letter to your best friend and talk about a few funny memories you have together. 

30. Do a yoga flow to stretch your muscles and kick-start your Sunday morning.

31. Move your furniture around to create a new energy flow. Remember how good it felt as a child to move your bedroom around?

32. Try a new recipe or two.

33. Drive with no destination and your favourite songs playing (Taylor Swift’s album anyone?!).

34. Complete that jigsaw.

35. Script your ideal day and see how possible it really is to live your dream life sooner than you think.

36. Write a list of 100 things you’d like to manifest.

37. Have a wholesome breakfast to get your weekend off to a good start – I’m thinking avocado and eggs on toast with a smoothie?

38. Tend to your plants.

39. Spend a little longer on your skincare routine, even throw in a face steam and eye cream.

40. Listen to your favourite podcasts. Have you caught up on The Manifestation Collective podcast yet?

41. Write a letter as future you and explain how grateful you are that your dreams really did come true.

42. Take a guilt-free afternoon nap.

43. Sing at the top of your voice in the shower to your favourite song. Mine has to be Listen by Beyonce. Sorry neighbours. 

44. Recite positive affirmations in the mirror back to yourself.

Are you in need of having a soulful weekend? Leave me a comment below or pop over to Instagram and let’s chat.

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