How To Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals As A Beginner

How To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals

First of all, can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty in this photograph I shot today? It looks like my very own crystal garden, right?

However, before I talk about you can create your own bohemian-inspired crystal charging station, I wanted to direct you over to this post about the best crystals to attract money – not only to discover which crystals have helped me manifest financial abundance, but to also have a basic understanding of how crystals help with your manifestation and what exactly to do with them once you’ve made your purchase.

Are you back now and sitting comfortably?   OK, let’s get into exactly how to cleanse and charge your crystals, especially if you’re a spiritual newbie.  What is the difference between cleansing and charging a crystal, you might ask?

Think of it like your skincare routine if you will.  You cleanse first to wash away all of the negativity from the day, then you charge your skin overnight with serums, creams etc to amplify its powers.

Crystals can often be depleted in energy or hold a lot of negativity energy within them, which is why regular cleansing and charging is an essential aspect of your spiritual self-care, just like it is your skin regime.

Today I wanted to talk about the different ways you can cleanse and charge your crystals, although I would like to note that each crystal has its own personality, which is why I would suggest before you do anything to check advice online.

For example, many crystals with “ite” on the end such as selenite, azurite, fluorite and calcite should not be submerged in water, while tumble stones such as rose quartz and tourmaline are fine to sit in water overnight.

How to cleanse your crystals

Running water – One of the simplest methods of cleansing your crystals is to run them under water for one minute at a time, moving your fingers over them to wash away any negative energy attached.

Salt water – For those crystals that can be submerged, take a teaspoon of rock, pink Himalayan, or normal table salt and add to a bowl of water to rest. Use your intuition on how long you leave them submerged.  For example, because I steadfastly charge my crystals once a month, I leave mine for an hour to cleanse, but if this is the first time you’ve charged and cleansed your crystals since buying them, I would leave overnight.

Saging – Using sage to cleanse is a great way to restore a crystals natural energy.  I will often run my crystals under fresh water first, dry them off and then sit and sage them one by one whilst listening to healing music. It’s turned into one of my favourite rituals around the time of the full moon.

Visualisation – I’ve often spoke about the power of visualisation and using your thoughts to cleanse your crystals can be a super powerful way of ridding any attached negative energy.  Hold each crystal in your hand as you meditate and imagine a bright white light around it as you manipulate it in your hands. You should be able to feel the crystal become lighter, which is an indicator is has been cleansed.

How To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals As A Beginner

How to charge your crystals

Build a crystal charging station – As soon as I made this crystal charging station, I couldn’t wait to share with you.  A super simple but stylish way to energise your crystals, I purchased a gold and glass terrarium designed for plants from Amazon, along with a bag of pink Himalayan salt (I used coarse salt but you can use fine as well).  I meditated and visualised a white energy filling the box as my hands hovered over it for just a couple of minutes. I then ground my crystals into the salt to stand overnight by the window allowing the moon to hit it.  If you create your own charging station, I’d love to see so be sure to tag me on Instagram at @themanifestationcollective.

Stand outside in the sunshine – Using the natural resources of the earth to charge crystals is extremely powerful, so if you have the chance – and, yes, I know this is highly unlikely in the UK – let your crystals be charged by sunlight every now and again. Just place them apart enough so they don’t cast a shadow over one another and are fully exposed to the suns rays.

Set intentions under the moon – As part of my monthly new moon ritual, I sage my crystals as mentioned above to cleanse them and then I place them out on my balcony under the moonlight.  I’m often asked whether it matters if the sky is cloudy or not, whether they need to be directly under the moon, whether they need to be outside or just placed on a windowsill and I’ll say this;  I’ve done all of these things and each time the crystals feel lighter (an indicator of being cleansed and charged) so go with whatever your situation suits.

Sit in the soil – Allow your crystals to reform their connection with the earth by burying them in soil overnight. However, do not worry if you don’t have a garden, because an indoor plant with soil can be just as powerful.

Whether you are using your crystals for healing properties or to amplify some form of energy, I would recommend staying on top of your cleansing and charging routine to receive maximum power from them.

It’s fair to say I treat my crystals like antiques with delicate fingers, making sure they are maintained each and every month, if not more. We ask a lot of them energetically, so it’s only right to treat them well and give it back in this way.

How do you program your crystals once they have been cleansed and charged?

Simple.  Take each one in your hand as you sit in peace and quiet.  The crystalline structure of these stones are said to hold thoughts and energies, so allow yourself to sit and say an intention out loud for what you would like each crystal to hold for you.

For example, with my rose quartz I say, ‘I charge this crystal with the intention of welcoming everlasting love into my life.’ And my citrine is programmed with the words ‘I charge this crystal with the intention of welcoming money effortlessly and easily into my life.’

As you hold each one, really lean into these intentions and how they make you feel.

I hope this post has inspired you to feel more confident in how to cleanse and charge your crystals as a beginner. Leave me a comment below and let me know how you cleanse and charge your crystals or if you’ll be making your own charging station like I have here.

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