Why Taking Risks Might Just Be The Key To Manifesting Magic

Manifestation Podcast Episode One

Hello everybody, welcome back to Season 2 of The Manifestation Collective podcast!

It’s been so nice to take a little break from recording, but it was also super reassuring to receive messages from people asking when the podcast was back and how much they were missing it. I feel so lucky actually that I get to talk to people in my DM’s or via email, that I would have never have had the chance to meet in real life – all through the power of recording this podcast.

So, here we are on episode one of the second season and let me tell you, this episode is a good one. Hopefully a motivating one. But an episode that will hopefully shift your mindset nonetheless.

However, first of all, I want to start reading out a review from someone each week and publicly say thank you for all of your support. This 5 star review of the podcast comes from Leanne, who is the founder of an amazing graphic design brand called Design Strikes.

I know Leanne very well because she was in the first cohort of my Soulful Business Group Coaching program and her cards and commissions are fantastic.

Leanne writes… “I adored Victoria’s way of explaining manifestation, in a way that doesn’t alienate those who might be skeptical at first. It’s lovely to hear a friendly northern accent on a podcast for a change and there are lots of references given for other materials to research or take a look into if the topic is something you want to know more about. Very much looking forward to each episode to come.”

Thank you so much Leanne – leaving a review and rating on a podcast, not just mine but any that you listen to and enjoy, really does help, so, if you have time, pop over to iTunes and I’ll continue to read them out and say a huge thanks.

Now, you might have noticed a slightly rejigged intro to the podcast. Yes, some new music but also a new focus for me as a coach and community leader.

Of course, manifestation is always going to be at the heart of everything I do, but as the years have passed, I’ve realised that working with creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and people who want to one day run their own business, and teaching them how to use manifestation and soulful ways of living, is what truly lights me up.

So, what does that mean for the podcast? Well, it means that although I will be very much focused on helping you manifest your dream life and how to live a more soulful human experience, you can expect a lot more content about how to manifest success in business.

Because if there’s one thing I can manifest, it is success in business; whether that’s financial abundance, dream clients or hitting certain figures. Manifesting love? Not so much so, but manifesting in business? You can call me the Queen.

And this decision is what I wanted to base today’s episode on – taking risks to manifest magic.

You see, this decision to change focus in my business didn’t come lightly. To go into a little more detail, over the years I have made a very good living coaching and guiding people to manifest in different areas of their lives. We’ve had babies, ex’s coming back, finding dream houses, making major career shifts and this has been the most fulfilling couple of years working with these kind of clients.

And while I loved this kind of work, as the years progressed and I grew my own business, I found that my soul lit up when it came to working with women who wanted to build something of their own.

And coincidentally – or through the universe – I was finding more and more that this was what was being delivered to me to work on. Amazing women who wanted to break free of their 9-5, women who wanted to one day launch something of their own or women who ran their own business but felt out of alignment and wanted MORE.

I found true joy in helping them to break through the blocks that were causing them to self-sabotage. Guiding them to get clarity on the direction of their business. Helping them to look inwards instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing on the internet. Showing them different ways to manifest money, customers, targets and more. Helping them realise how energy works and how that positive energy can attract the most amazing opportunities – not just in business but in life as a whole. 

Making this decision to take the leap into the unknown didn’t come lightly BUT I’m such a huge advocate of trying something, taking the risk and having the mindset that it might just work out.

But you know the most important belief I have, and one I want to instill into you too?

That I’ll be OK if it doesn’t work out too. That, if I make a wrong decision, the universe has the map to guide me back on the right route.

People often go through life feeling so afraid to jump and take a risk that they end up just existing. This is something I’ve spoken about on Twitter recently, and it’s something I’m now actively making sure I focus on – living, rather than just existing.

And living means taking risks with something you want to do.

Do you want to move from your day job and finally launch that business idea of yours? Maybe you want to take the risk and launch a new product or offer? Maybe the risk to you in sharing that you actually run a side business on your personal social media pages. Perhaps the risk is pivoting and changing direction.

If you follow me on Instagram @themanifestationcollective, you’ll see that recently I’ve been reading a book by the author and poet, Brianna Wiest, which is called 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think and there is a chapter in that book talking about how people hold themselves back from real happiness because they’re afraid.

Honestly? I resonated with this in so many different ways.

There’s a passage in this certain essay that reads; “Most prefer the comfort of what they’ve known to the vulnerability of what they don’t. Even when what they don’t is, objectively, much better.”

We don’t take risks because we’re scared of what’s on the other side, even though what’s on the other side could be SO much better than what we currently have. We’re happy to stay in a stagnant comfort zone, all because it feels safe and we don’t have to try. We don’t have to be vulnerable. There’s no change of disappointment or failure is there when we don’t put ourselves out there.

But what exactly is going to happen if you do “fail”? Just think about that for a second? What happens if you try and it doesn’t work out as you planned? Are you fearing judgement from other people? Are you scared of rejection? Are you worried about having to come back with your tail between your legs?

What you’re actually fearing is your own emotion that comes from these scenarios. You don’t take risks because YOU don’t want to feel shame. You don’t want to feel embarrassed. You don’t want to feel stupid.

But guess what? Because you now know that it is your own emotions you fear feeling, you have the control to change those. You have the power to change the way you feel.

Often when we are sitting in the fear of taking risks, we wait for signs as to what to do next. Universe show me if I should jump. Universe show me if I should go on this date. Universe show me whether I should move to another city and start afresh.

Are you waiting on that sign to give you reassurance that it’s OK to take a risk?

Surely that is a sign in itself that you really want to take the risk, but you have to overcome the fear first?

There have been times when I’ve taken a risk and it hasn’t paid off in the way I imagined. When I was in my 20’s, I packed up all of my belongings and moved to London. I had big dreams of living in this amazing city, falling in love, making new friends, having amazing experiences and propelling my career.

You want to know what happened? I spent a year there, I felt desperately lonely, I missed my friends and family back home and, to be honest, I fell out of love with the hustle of the 8am-8pm.

So, I came home. I took a risk and it didn’t pay off in the way I imagined, but the universe had my back regardless. She knew I had to get that out of my system to truly appreciate my life as it was and grow in a different way. The grass sometimes isn’t greener but we need to see that grass ourselves to be able to learn from it.

And now, at 36, my life couldn’t be any more different. Different in the best possible way.

The universe doesn’t want you to fail.

She doesn’t want to trip you up.

She’s there to guide you and help you in creating a life you truly love. She knows there are lessons to be had first, which is why it can sometimes feel like you’re swimming upstream. You have to go through certain lessons in life before we receive the blessings, it’s the law of balance.

I got an email from a listener recently who wrote…

“How do I know what I want to manifest the same as what the universe has in store for me. I want to be a milliner, but what if the universe has me down as an admin person”.

And my reply to this was, the reason you are having this pull and passion towards being a milliner, is because you were born to follow that. The universe doesn’t push us to be anything we don’t want to be, what we dream of, is what we were brought her to follow. And the universe, higher power, source, whatever you call your spiritual guide, is there to help you along the way.

Trust in this. Whatever you are being called to do but you’re too afraid to do it, THAT my love is your destiny. Because even if it doesn’t work out, it’s being put in your path to guide you to something greater. Take the risk and see how you start to manifest pure magic into your life.

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this episode, it would mean so much to me if you could go leave me a 5 star rating and review on iTunes as this really helps the growth of a new podcast.

Have a great week ahead my loves and we shall speak again next week.

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