9 Essentials You Need In Your Manifestation Tool Kit To Manifest Quickly

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Who else is still full to the brim with that addictive New Year energy?  If you feel like stagnant energy has shifted, that’s because it bloody well has and we have the start of a brand new year to thank for that.

I’m currently sat typing away in a local coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon because I couldn’t wait until the start of the working week to get this post down on paper (despite one of my goals being to have more of a balanced work schedule, but hey ho, there’s always next year for that).

In this post I’ll pulling together the nine essentials I’d recommend to anyone starting on their manifesting journey. Or even if you’re a pro and want to uplevel and learn how to manifest quickly, these additions really will elevate your routine. Starting with…


Notice how I’ve typed ‘journals’ instead of the singular, journal? We all know, you can never have too many notebooks and over the years I’ve invested in up to three, including a diary to keep my schedule organised, plan in my morning manifestation routine, as well as noting the full/new moons so I can prep my intention setting rituals.

I’ve also invested in notebooks to purposely script and write my gratitude list in. These notebooks will always be filled with nothing but manifestations, magic and musings – hence the personalisation from Papier (you can get £10.00 off a £19.99 personalised notebook right here with a huge amount of designs to choose from | affiliate link which you will also receive once you purchase to share with your friends and family).

The final journal I have in my arsenal is one dedicated solely to business goals and manifestations, as well as to-do lists to make sure I’m putting the action into the law of attraction, and making each year one where I can see the magic I’m continuing to build into The Manifestation Collective. 

Oracle Cards

One of the best purchases I’ve made over the last few years, have been oracle cards. In particular the Oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell. Not only are they stunning to look at, with beautiful illustrations, but they are the perfect way to give guidance to both my coaching clients and me.

I pull a card at random every single morning, feeding off the energy I feel when I place my hands on the deck. The card I pulled most often last year was Transformation, which couldn’t have been any closer to how I was feeling at the time as I made changes in my business. I still vividly remember pulling a card to give me guidance for 2020 and I was so happy to see Lemuria, guiding me to create my own heaven on earth. That was a year, but I know that seeds were sewn in that time and I am truly living in that place now.

Although I don’t claim to be an Oracle reader, I do pull a card if I feel a certain energy at the end of each coaching call with my coaching clients and each time, each card has resonated in some way with that person.

If you’re looking to start your day with guidance to a question you might have, Oracle cards are the perfect purchase.


I can’t express to you how investing in crystals has shifted the energy, not only in my life, but my business, my financials, and my body. I began my crystal journey a few years ago randomly stumbling across a spiritual shop down a side street in Leeds where I’d never ventured in my 35 years of living here. I like to think the universe had a plan in sending me.

I had no idea of what I was looking for when I ventured in there, so instead, I went with the prettiest crystals. I know there’s someone rolling their eyes right now. But for me, I wanted to see what I was drawn to without knowing what energy they provided. And after returning home, I realised that I’d picked citrine (wealth), rose quartz (love) and amethyst (health & wellbeing), which were all greatly needed.

My crystal collection has since grown to over 20 different variations and I have them placed around the house, where I feel the energy is most required. For example, citrine, aquamarine and clear quartz sit in my office to welcome money, creativity and clarity, while rose quartz is at the side of my bed to bring the energy of love.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to see which crystals you’re most drawn to and research afterwards. You’ll be sent to exactly what you need.

Etsy has an amazing selection of crystals, one of my favourite shops being TKEmporium.


New Year’s Day was the first day I used sage to clear the negative energy out of my house, but my goodness could I feel a shift afterwards. You can buy sage or smudge sticks from Amazon, and the aim is to burn the end until the stick is smoldering (you might want to carry a plate underneath as you move to catch the ashes), wandering through the house and wafting the smoke in to the corners and centre of each room.

Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space and disinfect the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood.

The key is to make sure you open all windows and doors to allow negative energy to escape, and of course, be careful around naked flames. Oh, and don’t set the fire alarm off like I did saging the hallway.

Vision Board

During my journey as a manifestation coach, I’m often asked about vision boards. How to create a vision board more specifically, how dream boards actually help with manifestation and how to manifest quickly with a vision board.

The idea is to create a visual representation of the feelings you want to evoke. In 2020, I want to evoke happiness, love and freedom, which is why my vision board doesn’t include material things such as a new car, a new house etc. It has a picture of a beach, of a couple in love, of smiles, of restful surroundings.

The idea is to really “feel the feels” when you spend time visualising. Feeling the feeling as if the manifestation is already yours, really is the key to success when it comes to the Law of Attraction. They say it only takes 17 seconds of being the right energetic state to attract something of a similar vibration into your life. But to many people that idea in itself can sound super vague, so how exactly do you get into the feeling of a feeling?

You need to release any resistance you have. Some days you’ll find it super easy to get into a high vibe state, other times your brain will be buzzing with negative thoughts so it’s harder to get into the right frame of mind.

How do you release the resistance?

Move your body, meditate, write a gratitude list, put on your favourite song, catch a thought and change it into a positive one, look for the silver lining and clear your mind for just ten minutes a day.

You need to spend just a couple of minutes a day looking at your vision board and focusing on how you’ll feel when these emotions are part of your everyday life. For example, when I’m looking at my board, I’m envisioning being in LA with my soulmate, with the sun on our skin, and the stillness of the sea. That’s ultimate happiness to me, and as soon as I start to imagine this, I can feel a smile spreading across my face. That feeling of excitement. Of hope. That’s when you’re in the right high vibe state to attract those things into your life.


As I mentioned above, one of the best ways to raise your vibrations is to listen to the music you love. As part of my money manifesting course, Abundance Academy, I created a High Vibe playlist for my students to help get their day off to a great start which you can find below.

And even if these songs don’t get you moving, then have a go at creating your own and have a daily dance party to elevate your mood. I promise, ten minutes of dancing around really can change your entire mindset for the day.


Part of my New Moon intention routine, I will try to detox as much as possible, whether than be in terms of food, decluttering or getting a bath with Epsom salts (I love these ones from Salt Spa Co).

Salts are incredibly powerful in ridding the body of toxins and having a salt bath on the evening of a New Moon before you sit and set new goals for the month ahead, can really help to increase your attracting abilities and increase how to manifest quickly.

Candles & Diffuser

I can’t tell you how many candles I’ve saved “for best” instead of burning them. But since I started meditating, I love nothing better than turning the lights off and lighting a candle to create the perfect peaceful atmosphere.

My diffuser has also become a staple to my night-time routine as I sit and write my gratitude list and to-do for the next day. Lavender is a great essential oil to burn if you’re looking to relax, while cedarwood is ideal for restoring any imbalanced vibrations. If you’re looking to expand your awareness, I would consider Bergamot as a scent, and Sweet Orange is a traditional wealth attracting oil.


Although I’m old school when it comes to manifestation, with journals, vision boards and being present, there are a few apps that I’d recommend for your spiritual journey.

Headspace – a great app for meditation beginners. Although you can pay for a subscription, I listen to the 10 free sessions over and over again as I still find them super effective.

Presently – this online gratitude journal let’s you record daily entries, but also compare where you were, say, a year ago. There are also daily reminders to continue your gratitude practice, which even the happiest people need sometimes.

SuperBetter – I love the concept of this app. You’re offered a series of activities that help you build resilience, reduce anxiety and depression, and lead a happier life. And as you complete each daily task, you’re award points to become the superhero of your own life.

The Secret To Money – Developed from the team behind The Secret, this app is designed to help you change your mindset around money and manifest quickly. You’re invited to spend an imaginary cheque on whatever you please, and you’ll receive daily affirmations surrounding abundance.

Happyfeed – Although this is another gratitude journal, I love the way you’re able to add pictures to each of your thankful moments, and you also get an email to sum up your day so you can really appreciate those minutes that you might have forgotten about otherwise.

Each of these items add a different energy to your manifestation routine, and although I appreciate it might not be possible to invest in them all right now, it’s certainly a collection you can build over time. Which of these are on your must-buy list?

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