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Hello my loves and welcome back to The Manifestation Collective podcast shownotes! This episode we are talking about the law of attraction + letting go.

How is everybody? I’ve had the nicest weekend as I’m recording this on Sunday,just hours before I make it live – talk about working better under pressure. I spent time with friends, I went to the cinema, we ate lunch out, I went on a nice walk, went to a little market, shopped, spent time with my niece and made some updates to my house. Basically, what a normal weekend was pre-pandemic.

It sounds cheesy to say, but it genuinely feels like my heart fills back up when I spend time with people I vibe with energetically. I can’t explain it, but when you live and work alone and then spend time with total soul sisters, aligned in the same energy, it fills any resources back up that might have been depleted or disconnected.

Anyway, I’m super excited about today episode. I was sat thinking about what to focus on for this week and I’ll often meditate on that question and see what I feel pulled to do. The universe will often send me downloads at the exact time people need them, and I know this because every Instagram post or every email or podcast, I’ll always get a couple of messages from people saying this couldn’t have come at a better time and it was exactly what they needed to hear in that moment. So, I now see myself as a vessel for what the universe wants me to talk about and today, it’s about how to let go of your manifestation.

So, here we are with today’s episode – all about the law of attraction + letting go. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but when I first discovered manifestation and how to use my thoughts to create my reality, the one thing I struggled with was the concept of letting go.


The Law Of Attraction + Letting Go

After all, aren’t you supposed to think about your manifestation for it to arrive? Aren’t you supposed to take inspired action? How do you do that if you’re meant to let go and release it to the universe?

I get it. Even though now, I class myself as a master manifestor after all these years of consciously learning and understanding how the universe works with my energy flow, this step of release was one of the hardest for me to grasp. A lot of that comes down to being naturally impatient, although I’m certainly better than I used to be – except when I’m waiting for the person to take my order at the McDonald’s drive thru.

As the years have passed and I’ve seen how surrendering to the how and when works time and time again, I now have evidence in my mind that I can pull from and use to remind myself when I start to feel that impatience coming to the forefront of my thoughts again.

You see, what happens when you ask the universe for something and then you continue to ask, continue to wonder where it is, continue to check and change your mind and play smaller and then play bigger and then decide that you’re probably never going to get it… you start to strangle your desire and basically tell the universe that you don’t trust in her power.

Imagine going into a restaurant, making your order and then going to stand behind the chef, asking them when it’s coming out, how it’s coming out, what plate they’re using and if you should you have ordered something else. You just wouldn’t, would you! You order, then you sit back, enjoy your surroundings and the company at the table and wait for your food to be delivered. You enjoy the experience of being in the restaurant.

Holding your energy this tightly around your desires is what we call being a controlling manifestor. When you’re in this control stage, you can feel a real shift in your energy and it’s not a positive one. It’s not in flow, it’s not in alignment. Instead of calling in whatever was due to come your way, you push it away because you’re in a state of desperation.

Finally understanding how to let go…

Do you want to know how I finally understood how to let go of my manifestation? I realised I had to be OK with Plan A and Plan B (and maybe there’s a Plan C option too). I chose to believe that I would still be safe even if my manifestation, for whatever reason I couldn’t see yet, didn’t come to fruition. It was having the faith that even if it didn’t work out how I wanted, I could be happy regardless. That level of detachment is truly one of the most freeing mindset shifts I have ever created in my life. It remains some of my most useful, fruitful and calming work I have ever worked though in my manifesting journey.

I will often get people messaging me saying that they’ve written a gratitude letter, they’re thinking positively, they’ve meditated, they’ve put some goodness out into the world, they’ve done this and that and what more could they do.

This is all amazing but the key to remember is, at the heart of manifestation we speak about the energy you put out is the energy you attract back.

So what kind of energy do you think this person is putting out when they’re doing every single technique under the sun to coincide with the universe? It’s tells me that they don’t believe it to be theirs already. That they don’t have trust in the universe to deliver. That they are struggling to believe that their thoughts could ever create their reality. It’s the biggest sign of a lack mindset. That in order to have we think we have to do, do, do and effort and exhaust our way to the thing. When really, the true work is in learning to be. In and amongst it all. 

It’s like the tales you hear of people finding love the second they give up looking, or people who think they’ll never find their dream home and something coming along just as they give up and decide to stay put.

I’ve seen it in my business, where I’ve given up on an opportunity happening and released the attachment, only to get an email the same day with the go ahead. I’ve witnessed it in my own family as my sister and her husband tried for a baby for years with IVF attempts, and just as they gave up and started to consider adoption, they fell pregnant naturally and along came my gorgeous niece, Matilda.

When it comes to the law of attraction + letting go, of course we can get intentional and specific  about what we’d like to attract and embrace, but how it’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen, isn’t ours to focus on.

For example, you can create a list of the dream qualities you want your soulmate to have, but you can’t control when or how they come into your life. The universe is hard at work making that side of things happen for you.

We speak about taking inspired action and meeting the universe halfway a lot when it comes to the law of attraction, and I think what throws a lot of manifesting newbies off course, is the fine line between action and release.

Let me explain it this way, inspired action isn’t just any old action. It’s not doing something for the sake of doing it. Inspired action is a form of action that comes from your gut, it’s a download from the universe that comes to you and makes you sit up and take notice, it’s an idea that gives you excited butterflies, it’s following your instinct that you feel will take you a step further towards your manifestation.

Inspired action for me when I wanted to be featured in a magazine, was to write and introduce myself to the editor of Soul & Spirit. Did I then hound her with email after email, phone call after phone call? No. Because I knew I’d taken inspired action and I trusted in the outcome that the universe would bring. And a year later I had a double page spread in their manifestation issue. So you can see right there that the how and when weren’t any of my business, and it took a year to see my desire come to reality.

Inspired action when I’m wanting to welcome more financial abundance into my life is listening to my gut about a new course idea maybe, and starting to flesh out the format of it. It’s not going into people’s DM’s and asking them to join and badgering them for their credit card details because I just need some money! That is never, ever, the energy of how I run a business.

How to detach from the outcome

A great way to let go and detach from the outcome is to become mindful of what you’re grateful for right now in your life. It realigns your energy away from lack and into thankfulness. Because when the universe sees that we’re happy with what we have, she simply delivers more to be grateful for.

I also want you to ask yourself whether you think you’re so desperate for your manifestation to arrive because you think it will bring you the happiness you might be lacking now.

As humans we often live in a state of going over the past, or worrying and planning for the future, without really embracing the fact that this very second, the second we’re living and listening right now is the only thing we can control. It’s the only time we’re actually alive.

We try and manifest things into our lives because we imagine the happiness that comes with them, but when you live in this mindset, I can tell you now, if you’re not truly happy at your core with who you are as soul in a human body, then no amount of things coming into your life with leave you feeling fulfilled.

You’ll have a fleeting injection of serotonin and then you’ll be back to the vision board to see what’s next.

This is why I’ll often ask my private coaching clients what will really make them happy and content – not what they THINK will make them SEEM happy, but what sits in their soul and fills them with peace at the thought of it.

Embracing manifestation isn’t about reaching a destination, it’s about creating a life that you truly love and welcoming all the magical things the universe sends your way as you build this.

If you’re struggling to let go of your manifestation, I want you to take some time and journal on these prompts.

  • What is holding you back from fully releasing?
  • What are you scared of happening if your manifestation doesn’t come to fruition right away?
  • What can bring you happiness and a calmness to your energy right now?
  • While you release your plan A to the universe to work on, what is your plan B?

So, with all of this said, here’s how I consciously manifest as part of my day to day life. I get intentional about what I would like to attract into my life and I get specific. I write in my journal thanking the universe as if it’s already happened. I sit in positive energy thinking about it and then I let it go. Usually over the following few days I’ll tune into some form of download of inspired action to take, normally as I meditate, whilst I’m driving or weirdly when I’m in shower. I take that action and then I trust that my manifestation will be mine if it’s meant to be and if not, something even better is on it’s way.

And then I live day to day in a grateful, positive state of mind (most of the time, not all of the time, I’m only human) and see which ways I can put goodness back into the world to receive it back like a boomerang.

When we speak about things such as vision boards and the 369 method and writing and visualisation, all of these are amazing but these are tools to have fun with. These are just techniques to maybe test now and again, they’re certainly not a long list of things to do before the universe delivers anything into your vortex. You’d never have time to do anything else if that was the case.

I want to leave you with a reminder that what is truly yours will never pass you by and if something isn’t meant to be in your path, it’s because something even better suited is coming along. This is the beauty of having faith in the universe and trusting that your path is the right one. Every no just means next opportunity and we never get rejected, we only get redirected.

I hope this episode has given you some much needed guidance if you’ve struggled with how to let go of your manifestation. Do drop me an email on hello@themanifestationcollective.co if you resonate with this at all and if you’re new around here, I’d love for you to join me over on Instagram @themanifestationcollective.

Thank you so much my loves for listening to me chat all things law of attraction + letting go. Can’t wait to record next week. 

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