How To Shake Off Your Manifesting Funk & Align Your Energy Again

how to get out of a manifesting funk

There’s something in the air right now. I’m not sure if it’s the January blues, the lack of sunshine, a shift in the moon or the fact that since the start of 2020 we’ve been bombarded with blow after blow on the news. I’ll see your World War 3 and raise you a deadly virus.

You could be the most positive person on earth and January could still give you the grumps. It only took one question of “how is everyone?” on Instagram to see that everyone was pretty much feeling the funk.

The initial New Year freshness has started to wear off and we’re counting down the hours until pay day. How do we even begin to get in the right vibration to attract all those amazing things on our vision board if we can’t even be bothered to get up on a cold dark morning? I get it, I’ve been there.

In fact, if you’d have asked me five years ago, I would have told you January was cursed for me. The start of a new year would arrive, and I’d prepare myself for miserable thoughts and crap situations arising. I literally prepped myself for shit things to happen. And every time something didn’t go the way I hoped, I’d blame it on the January curse. I walked around surrounded by grey clouds.

Until I discovered manifestation. And things turned magical for a moment.

But here lies the problem. Maybe you weren’t expecting me to write that. Walk with me…

When you first discover the power of a positivity, it’s amazing. Everything seems to fall in to place, you’re attracting goodness and ticking things off your vision board here, there and everywhere.

Except, we’re human. And the ebb and flow of life means that we deal with lessons as well as blessings. How can we ever really feel the amazing times if we can’t lean into the difficult ones?

One thing I do know for certain is that it can feel incredibly overwhelming and frustrating when you find yourself in a less than positive frame of mind when you’re integrating manifestation into your life.

Why did the power go? Why isn’t manifestation working anymore? Why can’t you snap out of this mood and what the hell is this manifesting funk I’m in?

So, today I wanted to share some of the tricks and tips I’ve curated over the years to help me out of a manifesting funk. Starting with…

Become a manifestation novice again

Every time I feel like I’ve lost my balance slightly on my journey and hit a manifesting funk, I go back to basics. I re-read my Manifestation for Beginners blog post (yes, even though I wrote it), and I start small with a mini manifestation.

It could be a parking space, attracting a free coffee, or even just seeing something in particular, but becoming a novice again and reminding myself just how powerful the law of attraction is, gives me a boost of confidence and gets be back in the habit of noticing all that is happening around me.

Plan, plan, plan

When I’m feeling in a funk, I love taking some time to plan things for the year ahead, in both business and personal life. Setting new intentions if you like.

I take my journal and write about how I’m feeling, but also how I plan to move forward from this stagnant season. Growth ideas, places I’d love to travel to, ideas of things I could do with friends, business plans, or even just a to-do list for a manifestation I’m working towards. This way, at least I can feel slightly productive and start the shift even if the action is yet to come. Plus, I always forget how much writing in my journal actually lifts my vibes, even if it is just getting everything out of my head and on to paper.

If writing isn’t your thing, then how about starting a fresh vision board and really taking time to decide how you want to feel in the coming year. In my post 9 Essentials For Your Manifestation Tool Kit, I wrote about how focusing on feelings, rather than what material things you want to attract, is a really good way to lift your mood.

Get to the root of why

I think a lot of the time we feel flat when it comes to manifestation because we have some kind of resistance. Even I, as someone who has consciously embraced the powers of the universe for over 5 years now, still have days where I doubt if it’s all true. I still question things that happen and have to take a second to get down to the root of why I’m feeling this way.

A tip I picked up from a podcast (James Wedmore – Mind Your Business) is to continually ask yourself why. Why do I feel like this? Well, I feel unmotivated to take action towards my goals. But why do I feel unmotivated? Because I’m not getting joy from my day. But why? Because I don’t have much energy. Why? Because I’m not moving my body or eating things to positively fuel me. But why?

Can you see how you can get down to the cause of resistance the more you ask yourself why? It’s a really powerful but simple tool to be able to recognise why you’re feeling a certain way so you can then work backwards to a solution.

Thankful Tuesday

For just one day make an effort to notice everything around you that you can be grateful for. From the second you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep, thank the universe for the big things, the small things, the mundane things, the extra ordinary things.

It’s about taking a moment to realise that every good thing you have, is something someone else wishes they had too. I’m talking about the sun in the sky, no traffic on the way to work, a loving partner, a phone call to your mum, a fresh notebook, laughing with friends, food in the fridge, your pet, watching Netflix… the list goes on.

I promise you, after this day of gratitude, your manifesting funk will have lifted. Force yourself to smile every time you notice something you’re thankful for and soon it won’t have to be forced.

Challenge yourself

When I find myself getting lost in a manifestation funk, I like to challenge myself in some way. For example, I’m re-opening the doors to Abundance Academy, which is my 9-module money manifestation course designed to help you break through your money blocks and attract a much brighter financial future. Everyone that joined the first time has lifetime access, so I’ve suggested that we all take part in the course again and lift our vibes through the roof!

I can’t wait to challenge myself again and attract money into my life to pay for a cruise I’ve been dreaming about later this year. For you, you might want to learn more about crystals. Or even tarot readings. You might want to challenge yourself to perfect the ideal morning routine. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something positive you might not normally do.

If you’re interested in learning how to manifest more money into your life, then read all about Abundance Academy and be sure to add your name to the waiting list to be first to hear about doors reopening tomorrow, before I open to general public on Friday for one week only.

Cleanse your environment

I honestly can’t stress how important it is to have a clear environment to help increase your vibrations and lift you out of your dark grey manifesting funk.

Start by decluttering your space and giving your home a deep clean. Then go through every drawer and cupboard and get rid/donate anything which has a negative memory attached to it or that doesn’t bring you joy (sorry to go all Marie Kondo on you).

I even went through my memory box recently and got rid of memories that weren’t serving me in the highest form – i.e. pictures of friends I’m no longer associated with, letters from ex-boyfriends who didn’t treat me well.

Once you’ve decluttered, I would recommend lighting a sage stick and opening all windows and doors to allow any negative energy to escape as you waft the smoke into all corners of each room. It sounds like a “woo” thing to do, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the shift you’ll feel is real.

You have the control

Yes, you read that correctly – you have the control. While we can’t control our external circumstances, we can, to some degree, control how we react every single morning when we open our eyes. I’m not talking about people with an imbalance in the brain, or medical issues here. I’m not even talking about when your emotions are so overwhelming like grief or anger that you simply can’t get a handle on them.

I’m talking about waking up feeling a bit blah and being unable to shake it off. It might be tough initially, but you can decide to get out of bed and feel gratitude. You can decide to catch a negative thought before it manifests. You can wake up and decide that today will be a good day in all of the areas you can control.

A good tip I picked is up a few years back is the 5-second rule by Mel Robbins. The idea is, when you’re laid in bed struggling to get up – or struggling to do anything really – you count backwards from 5 to 1 and then you get up and start whatever it is you need to start.

Mel explains: “When you feel yourself hesitate before doing something that you know you should do, count 5-4-3-2-1-GO and move towards action. There is a window that exists between the moment you have an instinct to change and your mind killing it. It’s a 5 second window. And it exists for everyone.

“If you do not take action on your instinct to change, you will stay stagnant. You will not change.

“But if you do one simple thing, you can prevent your mind from working against you. You can start the momentum before the barrage of thoughts and excuses hit you at full force.

“What do you do? Just start counting backwards to yourself: 5-4-3-2-1. The counting will focus you on the goal or commitment and distract you from the worries, thoughts, and excuses in your mind.”

You can read more about the 5-second rule here.

Are you currently in a manifesting funk? I’d love to know if you give any of these pointers a try and how you feel afterwards. I think for me, showing gratitude for just one day, all day, and taking things back to basics, really gets me on the right path again. What about you?

And before I go, if you’re looking for more woo ways to lift your mood, you might just like this blog post, 10 Ways To Raise Your Vibrations.

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