The 7 Mistakes I Made When I Discovered Manifestation

manifestation mistakes

Since launching The Manifestation Collective, for fellow woo-heads like me, it’s been amazing to help so many people on their first steps into discovering more about the Law of Attraction, energy and changing our mindset into a more positive, open one.

It has also, however, reminded me of all the things I did when I first started on my spiritual journey (how cliched does that sound?) that weren’t perhaps so aligned with this new way of life I was trying to understand.

Which is why today I thought I’d share the 7 manifestation mistakes I made when I first discovered the law of attraction; from a lack of patience to not giving enough back to the universe.

And if you haven’t already read my Manifestation for Beginners blog post, I suggest you head over there first, take those five points in and then see where I went wrong so you don’t waste precious goal achieving time with the universe.

Let’s start with the first mistake I made, which was…

I concentrated too much on the how

One of the biggest things to remember when it comes to manifestation is that the “how” is none of our business. We place our order with the universe but what happens after then is not in our control. Yes, we can take inspired action, we can look out for clues of what she’s sending our way, but don’t put so much emphasis on the “how”.

If you’re manifesting money, it’s not for you to worry about how it will turn up. You may get an unexpected tax rebate. You may – like I did recently – get a cheque from the Halifax bank for £88.93 for NOT having PPI (true story). You might even find money in the street. The “how” is not your concern. Just place your trust in the fact that it’s happening and concentrate on staying energetically aligned with the universe to recognise manifestations delivered in ways that you may not have thought they would.

I didn’t take inspired action

One of the manifestation mistakes I made when I first started was that I didn’t understand what inspired action meant. It’s about understanding your goals, what you’ve asked the universe for, and taking the steps to meet her halfway that feel in total alignment.

So, for example, if I’m trying to manifest a new client, inspired action would be to take notice of brands that come into my eyeline, ones that feel in line with what I offer, and reaching out to introduce myself. The universe can then meet me halfway by opening an opportunity with a client she deems the best fit for what I’m searching for.

It’s not about pitching to all and sundry because you’re trying to manifest quickly. Those actions aren’t aligned with your overall picture.

When I first started, I often sat back and just waited for things to appear. Fail. Make sure you’re taking action towards your manifestation.

I underestimated the power negative people had on me

When I discovered manifestation, I worked really hard to shift my mindset to a more positive one. I’ve never been a massively pessimistic person, but I would let small things day to day bother me. I had to work hard on my use of negative language in my daily routine, as I’d been so accustomed to using words like “skint” and “crap day”.

However, one of the biggest changes I had to make was choosing who I let into my space, whether that be physical or online. I made a huge effort to unfollow people on social media who were constantly negative, moaning for the sake of moaning and just generally bringing down the vibe I was working hard to raise.

I muted a lot of people on Instagram and spent less and less time with people in my life who I found to be draining. I understand we have tough periods in our lives, and I’ll always be there for friends who need me, but I made a conscious effort to protect my own mindset around those people who found the negative in every area of their lives.

I wasn’t thankful for the small things

I’ve always been conscious of how lucky I am in my life, but when I first started writing my gratitude list it would read something like;

“I am grateful for running water” “I am grateful for a roof over my head” or “I am grateful for waking up today”.

Which yes, are all amazing things to be grateful for. Absolutely. Some people would literally kill for those very three things. But what about the smaller things happening in day to day life? What about that person who lets you go in traffic when you’re in a rush? Or what about someone messaging you to say they loved your latest blog post?

By writing a gratitude list for 10 things I’m thankful for from that same day, it has enabled me to see just how amazing my life is, with the small things standing out just as much as the bigger parts of life.

I was desperate

The one thing that can stop manifestation dead in its tracks is the feeling of lack and desperation. When I first started manifesting, I would automatically choose goals and things I needed fairly quickly. Why wouldn’t you if you suddenly felt like you had access to a magic genie right?  Wrong.

When you’re stressed and put a timescale on something, the universe doesn’t match with your vibrations – leading to an increased feeling of scarcity and lack, resulting in your manifestation not showing up. It’s a vicious cycle, so my advice to people now is take the time limit off and make a back-up plan for whatever you’re manifesting so it takes the pressure off and you can keep your vibrations high.

If you need money quickly to pay the bills, nine times out of ten, it will be hard to manifest this money unless you have a fantastic mindset, believing in the universe 100%.  I would perhaps create a back-up plan so your whole living conditions aren’t solely relying on the universe coming through for you. As soon as you make a plan to see you through, she’ll bring the money. Trust me.

I was being too literal

One of the manifestation mistakes I fixed fairly quickly was understanding the signs the universe sends you. In the beginning I was being too literal. If I wanted to see a pink flamingo, for example, I thought I should wait until I saw an actual pink flamingo. But what about the pink flamingo I’ve just spotted on a children’s jumper? No, surely it can’t be that easy? She gave me a sign right away? I’ll hold off and see if see something else. What, a paint swatch called flamingo? No, that can’t be right. I’ll wait a little longer.

The damn sign is right there in front of you to see. Don’t waste time like I did, waiting for more and more validation that the universe is looking out for you. The first time you spot your sign, it’s time to move on to a life-changing manifestation.

I didn’t put in the work on a regular basis

One of the final manifestation mistakes that I made in the very beginning (and truthfully it’s something I find myself dealing with now and again, even to this day) is that I didn’t put in the work on a regular basis.

By that I mean I let my routines slide. I wasn’t journaling, I wasn’t visualising, I wasn’t even taking notice of signs I might be seeing.

But I want you to know that having periods like this is completely normal and once you’ve had a rest, or pulled yourself out of your funk, you’ll be back to manifesting goodness in no time.

Someone once said that manifestation is like going to the gym for the mind, you have to push yourself to do the routines but once you’re done, you feel amazing. Which is why I’m making space this evening to try some EFT tapping to raise my money vibrations and attract £1000 spending money for my trip to LA in October.

Do any of these manifestation mistakes feel familiar to you too? If so, they’re all very easy to remedy – the first hurdle is knowing that you’re actually doing them.

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