5 Woo Money Manifestation Rituals To add To Your Daily Routine

Money manifestation rituals

Although I’ll often talk about the practical side of manifestation – the mindset, the routines etc – at heart, I’m all about the woo, embracing my spirit junkie side and exploring new ways of co-creating with the universe. Which is why today I wanted to lean into the woo and share some of the more unusual money manifestation rituals I have in my tool kit when it comes to attracting money.

Each of the 5 money manifestation rituals is designed to raise your vibrations, so you are able to then tune in and match the frequency of financial abundance.

Think of it like this: as you immerse yourself in these tasks, you’re twisting the dial on your radio to listen to Wealth Station 111 and suddenly you get a crystal-clear connection.  The sound of the radio station can flow to you easily, right?  This is what we mean when we talk about tuning into different energy frequencies.


OK, let’s get straight into the good stuff, starting with…

Respect Your Money

It’s one of the more simple money manifestation rituals I have, but if you have a purse or wallet stuffed with receipts, crumpled notes, old used store cards and vouchers that have now gone out of date, I want you to start considering your purse an energetic space and take a moment to unclutter it.

How can money ever flow into your purse when it’s cluttered and not treated with respect?

Although I seldom pay with cash anymore, when I do have notes and coins, I make sure they are unrolled, organised and carefully put into their correct compartments.

Throw away old store cards (but don’t forget to check if there’s anything left on them first!), put your coins in your savings jar and take better care of your money, to show the universe you are ready to welcome more.

Crystal Power

One of the more powerful crystals I bought to change my energy surrounding money was an orange Citrine.

I wrote a blog post here all about 7 amazing crystals to attract wealth and abundance, which is an in-depth look into the how, why, what and when of crystals, but alongside citrine, I’d have to recommend pyrite.

A stunning black and gold rough crystal, pyrite brought money into my life almost instantly. I say this because as I bought it and returned to my car, I checked my emails to find a note in my inbox to say I was eligible to claim £5k back on a loan I had taken out in 2014.  Seriously.  That £5k sits in my savings account as we speak.

What do I do with my crystals? Well, although it would be woo of me to say I do a Gwyneth Paltrow and stick it somewhere out of sight (read about her rose quartz experience here), I’m actually a little more low key than that and simply hold it while I meditate and visualise money coming into my life with ease.

I also have both citrine and pyrite on my desk next to me as I work to attract that abundant energy into my business, and let me tell you, they work a treat.  Just don’t forget to rinse your crystals under water and charge them each month under the new moon to maximise their power.

Take a Money Shower

This is where the more cynical among you decide to click off and go read something else, but one of my money manifesting rituals is to regularly take a money shower.

Let me explain.  When I’m showering on a morning, I close my eyes and picture the warm water to be a green energy, soaking my skin with abundance.

Green energy is synonymous with financial abundance, so visualising it coming down from the shower, even just for a couple of minutes, can raise your vibrations no end.

Smile and think about how open you are to money making its way to you.  Imagine your energy channels clearing and negative blocks disappearing down the plug hole. It doesn’t get more visual than this!

By the time you’ve finished your morning or evening shower, your frequency will be tuning into so much goodness.

Use the 3 x 33 method

I’ve used the 3 x 33 method a number of times, and each time, it’s proven its weight in gold.  Literally.

So, what is the 3 x 33 method and why is it one of my money manifesting rituals?

It’s simple. Take your journal and write your manifestation 33 times over three days.

Write in the present tense and as you script each sentence with gratitude for it already happening, really imagine what you’re manifesting has come to fruition.

For example, if you want to manifest £1000 to pay off your credit card, your 3 x 33 method could read:

“I am truly grateful for manifesting an extra £1000 into my life, which has allowed me to pay off my credit card and feel abundant and stress-free.”

Repeat 33 times in your journal for 3 days in a row and see what magic occurs. I find adding a “which has” statement to the end redefines the why to me as I write it as well. 

Choose your Money Mantra

I have a few money mantras that I return to again and again, including “I am a money magnet” and “money flows to me every day with ease”, but I recently discovered a new money mantra from Alexa Rose Carlin making its way around TikTok, so I wanted to share with you.

Repeat out loud daily for 28 days and see what magic appears in your life:

For the good of all

And with harm to none

(insert amount) is on its way to me

It belongs to me

And is used how I choose

I thank the universe in advance

And focus on the abundance I already have

And the overflow of abundance on its way

I will be surprised at the speed and ease at which it manifests into my life

I expect the money to come to me

Within a few hours, but no more than 28 days

And so it is

Powerful, right? I love the last line that seals it in in the present tense. If you enjoyed these money manifestation rituals, be sure to join me on Instagram @themanifestationcollective for more daily manifestation tips and tricks and here’s to opening your energy channels and allowing abundance to flow into your life.

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