How To Set Intentions During The Summer Solstice

set intentions summer solstice

Hello everyone and welcome back to the latest episode of The Manifestation Collective podcast as I talk about setting intentions during summer solstice.

I’m recording this episode surrounded by boxes and bags because you might have seen if we’re friends on social media that I’m moving house.

As you’re listening to this on Monday 21st June, the removal men are in my flat taking all of my furniture over to my new house, which is super exciting. Especially as the 21st is the summer solstice and an amazing time to start afresh! It genuinely couldn’t be more aligned.

It also explains why we launched season 2 with a bang and then silence because realness alert, I accidentally packed my microphone wire in a box and I couldn’t face unpacking to find it. I love this podcast but I love my sanity more.

Anyway, I’m almost certain by now you’ve heard about the 21st June aka today when you’re listening to this and how powerful it is going to be, as we welcome the Summer Solstice and prep ourselves for retrograde season to draw to a close. Yippee!

Why is today so special and why do we need to know how to manifest during the summer solstice? As the tilt of the earth brings us closest to the sun and we experience the longest day of the year, it’s time for us to come out of hiding and step into the light. Just the imagery of feeling the sun on me gives a powerful warmth and brings a smile to my face.

The summer solstice provides a chance to stretch, feel alive, be truly mindful in the moment of the seeds we might have started to plant and welcome lots of renewed energy.

I don’t know about anyone else but over the last couple of months, especially as retrograde season was in full swing, all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. My body craved rest and it’s like my energy was being kept at a super low level, but now I’m seeing why. The next two days see not only the longest day of the year, but also the end of retrograde season, which is potentially why my energy was so low, preparing me for a summer of change ahead.

This is an amazing time for personal development as we welcome the light back in our lives, with time to embrace renewal, regeneration and self-reflection.  If you were looking for a time to focus on yourself, and your future, then this is it.

Why Is It Important TO set intentions During The Summer Solstice?

Being as close as we are to the sun, we are literally bathing in this energy, powering up like a magical solar panel (I’m really feeling the imagery as I’m typing today!). It is the perfect day to release and welcome newness as the cycle of the current season draws to a close and a new period begins.  

Change is coming and now is your time to decide what changes you want to make to which areas of your life. Expect to feel a real fire in your belly over the next couple of days to make positive alterations. Which cycles do you want to draw to a close? What inner seasons and scenarios do you want to close the door on?

If, like me, you have an excited nervousness around change, I want you to lean into this.  After all, we know by now, the universe has our back regardless.

Whatever change is coming, is on its way to allow us to grow and step into our highest selves.

As mentioned above, the Summer Solstice is the perfect time to leave things behind, to release bad habits, to shine the light on things you want to highlight in your life and leave thoughts that are holding you back exactly where they are in the darkness.

When you think about manifesting today, I want you to focus on areas of your life that need lighting up. Use the energy the sun is providing to shine a spotlight on parts of your life that need improving or require renewed energy, and ask the universe for help.

Choose your manifestations wisely as the energy gained from the sun has the potential to spark deep connections and big, powerful moments of change. It’s genuinely like you have a fire in your belly and despite how awkward, scared or uncomfortable you might feel, you know there is greatness on the other side. Do you know the feeling I’m describing?

How To Set Intentions During Summer Solstice

First of all, I want you to set the scene for this ritual. I choose to do my solstice routines in the evening, either as the darkness of night comes in during the winter solstice or while enjoying the sunset for summer solstice.

I will light a candle, cleanse my aura with sage by lighting it until it smoulders and then waft it around my body focusing on the crown of my head and the root chakra at the base of my spine.

Next I’ll take a detox bath with pink Himalayan salt and essential oils. I also like to put my rose quartz crystal in the bath with me during these times to promote healing and self-love but you can create your own ritual deciding what works for you.

Once I’m out of the bath, I will pop on some relaxing music and sit on the floor . However, in my new house I’ve got a meditation corner with a beanbag and all of my crystals under a skylight window so I may potentially be doing this ritual there if all goes to plan with the move on Monday as you listen.

I’ll then get two sheets of paper. If you don’t do anything else I’ve suggested, please take the time to do this.

On the first, I want you to write down what you would like to release.  The negative thoughts, the bad habits, the people, the situations etc. As the cycle closes for the solstice and retrograde season comes to an end, this is the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves you.

For example, you could write:

On this powerful day under the Summer Solstice, I wish to release the comparison I have when looking at other people. I wish release the times I press the self-sabotage button when things are going well because my comfort zone feels safer.  I wish to release the fear of asking others for help and feeling like I am a burden.

Can you see how powerful that feels to acknowledge these emotions by writing them down?  It’s about you feeling in control of those thoughts you have.  Because that’s all they are.  Thoughts.  They’re not your reality.

I want you to then take this piece of paper and either tear it up or carefully burn it outside.  Burn it and release those negative feelings you have that are holding you back from moving forward into being the person you were born to be.

Side note: Please be careful when burning anything and be sure to throw water over the ashes once you have finished to make sure all flames have been put out.

Come back inside, drink a large glass of water to replenish yourself, take 4 long deep breaths and get your second piece of paper.  This is where we set the intentions of what we want to welcome into our lives over the summer months. Not 5 years down the line, but what goals and dreams you want to welcome into your life for the summer.

When setting these intentions, write in the present tense.  For example:

On this powerful day under the Summer Solstice, I am thankful to the universe for brining my soulmate into my life. I am thankful for the universe bringing soul-aligned clients to work with me as their coach. I am thankful for being able to travel and be near the water.  

Can you see how I am writing it as if it is already mine? This is because all of these things are already mine, they just haven’t arrived into my reality yet.

Sit and imagine how it feels for your manifestation to have arrived and what your dream summer is going to feel like.  Imagine the love you’ll feel walking down the aisle.  Or imagine seeing £10,000 in your bank account and the excitement you’d feel.

I want you to sit in this energy for two minutes minimum.  I increase my vibrations at this moment by simply smiling.  It is such a small change in your physiology, but an incredibly powerful one. 

Now, take this piece of paper and fold it towards you.  Do not fold it away from you, because you are signifying for those things to move away.  Fold towards you and bring them closer into your life.  Now, place this piece of paper under your bed sheet or inside your pillowcase and allow the universe to work her magic as you sleep.

You have discovered how to manifest during the summer solstice and can trust in the universe to deliver when and how she knows best.  Make your way to bed and get ready to step into the most powerful version of yourself moving forward. Amazing things are coming your way.

I absolutely know I’ll get messages from people asking if they can do this ritual on another evening if they don’t get chance during the summer solstice and yes, you absolutely can but the true power will come from releasing and setting intentions on the solstice itself.

I hope you’ve found this episode on how to set intentions during the summer solstice helpful and inspiring my loves, and don’t forget if you want to surround yourself with high vibe, uplifting, supportive souls, I’d love to welcome you to my Instagram @themanifestationcollective.

Here’s to an amazing week ahead and I can’t wait to see what this next cycle of change brings for us all as we set intentions during summer solstice. 

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