How To Romanticize Your Life In 44 Ways

How To Romanticize Your Life


At 37, it’s rare for me to grab hold of a cultural trend made popular by Gen Z and TikTok (my eyebrows were never on fleek and I don’t intend to change my side parting, thank you very much), but having recently discovered the idea of how to romanticize your life and “having main character energy”, I feel like this is something I could absolutely embrace.

So, what exactly is romanticizing your life and how do you start?

It is a pretty simple concept but something – as a society wrapped up with technology and the busyness of the daily grind – we often forgo.

It is about noticing the beauty around you.

I told you it was simple. My ethos in my coaching business is never about toxic positivity, and I can certainly see why some people may question why romanticizing your life is bad – all we see on TikTok and social media after all are slim, white, blonde women with perfectly styled homes and no real diversity. It’s “live your best life” energy without any real acknowledgement for real life.

However, I do think looking for moments of magic in every day is something we can all do to move into a more high vibrational energy. 

There is an audio clip that is synonymous with this trend, and it goes a little something like this…

“You have to start romanticizing your life, you have to start thinking of yourself as the main character, ‘cause if you don’t, life will continue to pass you by, and all the little things that make it so beautiful will continue to go unnoticed, so take a second and look around.”

I never thought a TikTok trend could be so profound, but here we are.

What is romanticizing your life?

Do you ever watch those kind of coming-home teen movies where they sit on the roof and watch the sun rise, take a road trip or wander the streets and strike a conversation with someone really interesting, and wish that was your life?

Like nothing insanely life changing happened, but in some small way their life changed. And you sit, watching said film after another ground hog day and start to question whether you’re actually living or just existing.

This is where being the main character in your life comes into play.

It’s not about making huge changes to your life but about noticing the smaller moments of happiness. Of gratitude. Of excitement. Of contentment.

With that said, I wanted to share 44 ways to romanticize your life and become the main character in your own movie.

44 Ways To Romanticize Your Life

1. Wake up on a morning and before you look at your phone, take a moment to listen to the birds outside

2. Take time to drink your coffee on a morning instead of rushing it – taste it, smell it, savour it

3. Plan a picnic with friends

4. Buy yourself fresh flowers and display them properly – I’m not talking about just dumping them in a vase

5. Go to high ground and watch the sunrise one morning

6. Jump in the car with an epic soundtrack and drive with no destination in mind

7. Sit and people watch outside a café in the sun

8. Take your favourite book and go read in the park

9. Even better, if you finish your book, leave it on that park bench for someone else to find

10. Wear the nicest thing in your wardrobe, even if you’re just in the house

11. Dance in your kitchen to songs from your teenage years

12. Take more pictures in everyday life

13. Print out more pictures and create scrapbooks for each year

14. Meditate for at least five minutes

15. Plant seeds and nurture them while they grow

16. Walk bare foot on the grass and connect to the earth in the best possible way

17. Spend some time close to water and just listen

18. Open a recipe book at a random page and cook whatever you land on

19. Invite your friends around for a vision board and pizza party

20. Strike up a conversation with a stranger

How To Romanticize Your Life

21. Volunteer at a pet shelter and give some love back into the world

22. Take a different route to work and notice what is around you

23. And on that note, look up more often – the tops of buildings are often the most beautiful

24. Have a YES Day where you say yes to every invite, every question, and trust in where it could possibly lead

25. Take your journal and write down what your goals are for the next couple of months, breaking each one day into tiny actionable steps to take to move towards each one

26. Tell someone you love them – now

27. If you’ve been wanting to do something, whatever it is, don’t wait any longer

28. Go out to a fancy restaurant and dine alone – my personal tip, take a book instead of looking at your phone all night

29. Have a detox bath with candles, salts, hair and face mask, and soothing sounds playing

30. Go to the train station and book a ticket to wherever the next train is leaving for

31. Create your own smoothie recipe from all of your favourite fruits

32. Have deep conversations with friends instead of surface level fluff – really get to know their dreams and desires

33. Send someone a gift you just know they’d love

34. And while you’re at it, get back into the habit of sending handwritten thank you notes

35. Take yourself to an afternoon cinema date – this is one of my favourite ways to date myself

36. Join a local walking club and chat to strangers while you discover where you live

37. Book tickets to gigs – whether that be the theatre, comedy nights or live bands

38. Spend a morning looking at all areas of your life and working out what you’d like to change to live a happier existence

39. Find a photobooth and make memories with your friends/soulmate

40. Celebrate the small wins instead of waiting for the big things to happen

41. Get crafty (painting, embroidery, polymer clay etc) with no pressure on the end result – enjoy the process

42. Why not try wild swimming

43. Lay down and just look at the beauty of the stars on a clear night

44. Take a chance on finding love – even if that means the possibility of rejection

So, there we have it – how to romanticize your life in 44 ways. I’d love to know if this is something you’re going to be more conscious off, whether you’ve stumbled on this post because you’re searching how to romanticize your life as a student, or whether you’re close to 40s and above like me. Do pop over to Instagram and let me know if there’s anything on this list you will try and incorporate into your life?

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